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Was the Dilophosaurus Wasted?
Despite being a fan favorite among fans of the franchise and having a prominent role in non-canon material, in the films the Dilophosaurus has had only one physical appearance so far. And a juvenile at that!

Is the lack of such a memorable dinosaur wasted potential? Should we have gotten more scenes with Jurassic Park's spitter beyond Nedry's death/karma? Would you have liked it if Dilophosaurs got more proper screentime?

What role could you see Dilophosaurs playing in the other movies? What scenes could we have gotten or you wish you had gotten? Share your ideas and your thoughts. How would you have liked the Dilophosaurus to be used?

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Was the Dilophosaurus Wasted? - by RichardLevine - 02-22-2018, 04:05 PM
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