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Introduce yourself!
Hey, It's Deb. I feel like you're all going to say "yes, we know who you are" Bonus Points if you know that reference. I also feel a bit late signing up. I just got my desktop machine back today--easier to type on a full size keyboard. Anyway, hello!
Hi guys! My name is Ryan or JP18 and I'm so happy to have found a place where I can let all my Jurassic feelings out! I'm a filmmaker myself and hope to one day work on a Jurassic Park/World movie (THE DREAM). Been a dinosaur lover since a young child and my favorite movie is The Lost World. If you love movies and want to hear my opinions/reviews/news check out my youtube channel! (I'm planning on doing a fun review of all the Jurassic films soon!) 


Glad to be here!
Welcome, Deb!

And welcome Ryan! Just checked out your channel's intro video, brilliant. Very Tim and Eric haha.
Hello people.

I am Emperor Dinobot. I am the Supreme Leader of Mesozoic Emporium: World's biggest loose dinosaur sales operation.

My store's link is here:
My FB portal is here:
So if you have FB give it a like! Right now I'm running a contest, so feel free to check it out and enter it!
Welcome Supreme Leader of Mesozoic Emporium! Great shop Smile
Welcome everyone. So nice to see this forum growing! The website is over a month old now! Gosh time flies.
That's crazy to think! So happy people are enjoying the forums too Smile
Hello Everyone!
Hello! Welcome Smile
Howdy, I'm Spiegel. Looking for a site to keep up with the new JW2 news and this seems to be the place for that. Hope to see everyone around the boards and engage in discussions about the franchise. Thanks for having me and great work on the site!

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