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Introduce yourself!
Welcome to the forum! Thanks for your comments Smile
Welcome Amigo!
Jurassic Outpost Encyclopedia - Editor-in-Chief
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Hey guys! I'm Tyrantosaurus I love following the website about the new news, and toys for Jurassic World that I decided to join.
[Image: t-rex-jurassic-park_wide-a2deb59155d62f2...s6-c30.jpg]
Welcome Tyrantosaurus.
Welcome! Smile
Hi All-
TLW4ever here, former member of the JPL Forums, thank you very much for having me here and I look forward to some great discussion here!
Welcome to the forum! Love the username. The Lost World forever, indeed.  Big Grin
Hello everyone. Names Will, or Jurassic Will. Been a Jurassic fan since the release of the first film.

Also the content creator and sole poster for Jurassic World: Security. Can't wait to dive into the conversations.
Huge Jurassic fan.
Jurassic World Head of Security and owner of facebook page.
Jurassic World: Security
How is everyone doing?

My name is Andy and it's awesome to meet you all! I haven't had time in the past few years to tackle forums but with an upcoming hiatus for work training, I will have plenty of time to kill on my time off. I have been a member of JP Legacy and JP Toys for many years in the past (under the same username).

I'm a massive fan of the Jurassic Park and Star Wars franchise. I'm also currently military with a degree in Biology and pursuing another (when time allows in the future) in Paleobiology.

I'm a former marksmanship/urban warfare instructor, former SRT (Special Reaction Team) member, a photographer (wildlife and the natural world), a wildlife conservationist, and I have future plans to work in Kenya to aid the KWS (Kenyan Wildlife Service) in the war against the illegal ivory trade.
"Igenious... JURASSIC PARK is hard to beat for sheer intellectual entertainment."
Entertainment Weekly

"I am always outnumbered, but never outmanned."
- Unknown SFOD-D Tier 1 Operator, Operation Anaconda
Welcome to the forum buddy! Great to have you here. Smile

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