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The Dinosaur Kingdoms Role Playing Game
[Image: Banner.jpg]

The Dinosaur Kingdoms is an RPG based on alternate version of our own planet. Here dinosaurs have never gone extinct and replacethe native fauna of Earth. Whether it be food, beasts of burdern, or even war mounts these might creatures live, fight, and die alongside Kingdoms of the not so distant past. Role Play as an individual person, dinosaur, or an entire kingdom; the choice is yours (The best being all three!) and shape the course of history in this new world.

The Dinosaur Kingdoms Forum The Game Starts in its current form, September 5th, 2016! There is more work to be done but at this point it is capable of being played as a "beta" version. This also allows player input on future additions! Here is our Vade Mecum of Dinosauria, an ancient field guide to native dinosaur species, and our Vade Mecum of Homo Sapiens, a field guide to the peoples already inhabiting this new planet.

Here is my newest, self asked FAQ:
Quote:What is “The Dinosaur Kingdoms?”

The Dinosaur Kingdoms is a Role Playing game based on an alternative version of our planet called Terra Magna. Terra Magna shares many of Earth’s biomes, dinosaur species, and human cultures from around the planet. The difference is that these formerly unintroduced species; man and dinosaur, now coexist in this world. Here dinosaur herds take the place of cows and horses along with other wildlife. They are companion, resources, and enemy to man.

The Map seems large but somewhat blank, is it not done?

The answer to that is yes and no. The map is meant to reflect the size of a large continent spanning thousands of miles and multiple biomes. Much like some continents on Earth, Terra Magna’s lone continent is home to a multitude of species and biomes as well as human civilizations. 

As for the “blankness” of the map, this is intended to allow the players to explore and create the world they want to play in. The staff has created a number of cities, empires, and landmarks but has left a large portion of the slate clean so that players can expand the world around them. This means a player can create a village or landmark in any location. If that village is established as being owned by a players character, it can be added to the map, the Vade Mecum of Homo Sapiens, The Vade Mecum of Settlements, and receive its own thread for other characters to visit and explore. This is also true of a particular settlement that might be created on a whim as a character passes through. However, those settlements will need to be acknowledged by other players to be officially added.

What do mean “Player Established and Owned Settlements?”

Well, not only does a player have the ability to create simple characters to play out roles in the RPG but they are also permitted to create their own civilization. So now instead of a player merely creating a character with a certain trade or skill, a character can instead be the chief of a village or even the ruler of an empire. Have a fascination with a House in Game of Thrones? What about a love to Tolkien’s Dwarves or Elves? Well you can bring those to the game, at least using them as a basis for a culture, whether your player is the monarch in charge of a kingdom or you simply create the kingdom where you character lives, the opportunities are endless.

Creating an entire civilization, culture, and kingdom sounds complex and I’m not sure I’m interested..

At first the process might seem slightly complex in the sense that the application must be filled out and submitted. However, adding a Kingdom is easy in that the initial application does not be super developed. A few short lines in each section and you’re empire is ready to go. As you play you may discover new ideas either randomly or through research. At any time you’re Kingdom’s profile can be updated. Whether you invent a new language, tradition, or religion it can be added very simply.

Finally, players do not need to create a kingdom or civilization. There are already established kingdoms created with certain traits and aspects that might appeal to a person. A character can simply join in as a member of these kingdoms whether it be a Royal Guard, a Duke, Princess, Court Jester, Theif, Farmer, or Blacksmith. These are just a few ideas and really the possibilities are endless.

Ok so I can sort do whatever I want with my character but whats going to keep me from getting bored?

We’ve introduced a point system as well as a “shop.” This means you can do anything you want but it takes time to build up to certain skills or to unlock the use of certain dinosaurs as tamed beasts or characters. You cant just sign up and play the King of the largest and most powerful Empire or the biggest and toughest dinosaur species. You have to work toward it by posting. As you post or contribute you gain points and points are used to unlock new things. 

How do points inspire me to play?

Lets say you want your character, she’s a female shield madden, to ride a Tyrannosaurus as a mount. Well you need the points to unlock the Tyrannosaur  but you don’t have enough. Your character can encounter the dinosaur, hunt it down and trap it. There are multiple posts to be made about that and you’ve gained some points by posting to purchase the Tyrannosaurs as tame. Now your character may attempt to gain the dinosaur’s trust and end up fleeing its cage multiple times. Sometimes your character is successful and gets the giant carnivore to eat from her hand without attacking her. Now you’ve posted enough to reach the number of points you needed for your character to tame the Tyrannosaurus now. You’re next few posts can be about them bonding and your shield maiden’s first ride atop her massive trophy. It’s a system that is meant to create goals and give players just enough restriction to inspire activity without destroying the fun.

I don’t really want to play a Human character though. . .

No problem, pick a species of dinosaur and use it to role play. Terrorize the small town you created in your mind. Hunt down other lumbering beasts. Steal kills from other dinosaurs. Find a Human character, belonging to another player, and become enemies or companions. There is not set way to play the game per say. There are a lot of options ranging from Humans, Dinosaurs, or Kingdoms. You can play just one or all three. The game is intended to draw in different role players, with different interests, and keep them captivated.

Can I use my points however I like? Do I have to use points from a Human character to purchase things for my human character?

No, points are points. You can play a ton of dinosaurs characters and gather points enough that you eventually have enough to purchase everything you’d like for a Human character or creating a Kingdom. Its up the player.  Additional points are also available as rewards for contributions used, amazing posts, contest prizes, quest completion, awesome artwork, amazing fan fictions, and a slew of other things. You can spend them exactly how you’d like.

There is a lot in the game but then again there isn’t, how am I going to keep busy?

Not only might you set goals to gather points but you’ll find contests and quests as well. Contests between members will give rewards as well as allow players to add to the game. Perhaps you win the Dinosaur Vade Mecum Contest, for example, and now a species of your choice with a profile you created is added to the game.

Another concept is quests. These will be staff driven storylines, some brief and some long, for characters to partake in. These too will have rewards and act as inspiration. I don’t wish to give much away right now but there are at least two ideas already set so I’ll spill the beans, you know the “North Folk?” No one really does aside from the rumors. Perhaps you’ll be the first to encounter them. I’ve also heard there are ruins of an ancient empire hidden in the jungle. I hear they hold treasures and stories from the past.

Finally, you know those technologies you can buy? Well, those inspire certain events. These events are set in stone and can be experienced differently by every player. Perhaps you but multiple Agricultural Technologies for your kingdom, you may experience a bountiful harvest and your people throw a grand parade in your characters name and maybe gift him a dinosaur. Perhaps you don’t spend any points on Agricultural Technologies and your people start to starve. They become angry and before your character knows it he’s being chased from his kingdom and becomes a refugee. Now he might want to win his people over or conquer them for their traitorous ways. Perhaps your character enlist a neighboring King’s aide and win back your kingdom only to realize your character’s kingdom is now a slave state for the helpful kings.

These are all ideas meant to keep things going.

Ok so about these Technologies , what’s the point?

The concept is that no player can join, form a kingdom, and attempt to rule the world. By using points that unlock certain benefits to kingdom this creates not only balance but specialized roles for Kingdoms when interacting. An example might be a kingdom that only purchases Agricultural Technologies and  kingdom that only purchases Military Technologies. These two kingdoms can become symbiotic, one giving food and the other protection. Or, they could become enemies where the Military based kingdom constantly raids the food rich. At some point it is possible an active player could attain all the technologies but the list would be open for expansion. For instance, Gun Powder became prevalent in Medieval times but it’s not on the list.

The point system can apply to character skills as well. Want you character to be a black smith? Purchase some of the techs to increase his skill. This again can go back to the question about inspiration.

So when does the game start?

As soon as possible. I’m currently the only active staff member and the project is large to say the least. I am seeking additional staff or members who simply want to contribute, and be rewarded with points, in the meantime.
Think you might be interested? Well the game is open! Here's a brief history and the current situation for a background to begin play.

Quote:The History of Terra Magna is brief in written form; most knowledge is passed down by storytelling. Thus, the facts become skewed over time and even shaped to fit personal beliefs. What is recorded here is believed to be the most factual account of the on goings of the people of Terra Magna.

Of The Desert And People Of The Sands:

In the sands and mountains of the desert, the hot dry expanse of the Pale Sea and Cleaving Mountains, are two peoples that were once a singular people. A brief but violent civil war, based on religious values, was fought that lead to the outing of one group from their home in Portus. In fact, the true reasoning for the “War of Division” was the interpretation of the religion shared by the people. The Proprious were far more lenient whereas the Agito still stuck to strict values. The Agito, as they are known, now wander the deserts as nomadic traders while the Proprious remain in the capital city of Portus.

Time would eventually heal the wounds drive in the strife between the two factions, though never completely. The Agito regularly visit their once home city of Portus yearly. At one point their arrival was celebrated by the Proprious, as their long lest relatives brought news, treasures, and tales of the surrounding world to the city. As of late, the excitement over the arrival of the Agito is fading. It is said the rulers of the Portus do not want their influence spread amongst their people. They believe the Agito will ruin the wealth the city has gathered and drag the Proprious into less prosperous, old ways. 

Tensions are growing slowly between these people of the desert, each side slowly becoming more in tuned to its version of their belief system. It seems that the situation may reach a point where none would like to see it arrive again. Time will only tell what is in store for these divided people.

Of a Kingdom Set In Gold:

Teocuitlatl Tlahtoani, Golden Kingdom, is thought to be the most powerful and richest of all the established lands in Terra Magna. The Kingdom is fed by its own bounty as well as a flowing trade network and tributes from what are considered “lesser people.” Wealth and material things are said to hold more value than the lives of the common people within the walls of the city and even more so in the surrounding towns and villages associated with Teocuitlatl Tlahtoani.

It said that the Golden Kingdom once conducted a war upon a rivalling people of the Southern Jungles. It is rumored that these people were all but destroyed, their cities looted and burned, and the former Kingdom has been wiped from the history books. Of course, this is denied by the ruling parties of the Teocuitlatl Tlahtoani. Thus, many fear their spreading influence as it seeps across the land; an influence that preaches of wealth and goods and no regard for people.

Yet, a large portion of the peoples of Terra Magna conduct business with the Golden Kingdom, whether from fear or desire for riches is unknown. Small kingdoms and villages see the Teocuitlatl Tlahtoani as the biggest threat to the continent and world. It is believed the destruction of peace, religion, and value of nature will bring about destruction of the world. However, others believe the past is best left in the past and now is a time of transition. Either way, Teocuitlatl Tlahtoani remains a jewel in Terra Magna, whether brings prosperity or destruction is yet to be decided.

Of A Well Protected Island:
The Mizu Kodomo Empire lies isolated, and somewhat forgotten, on the secluded Talon Isle. It is here that the lands most devout religious people hide away from a world that they view with contempt. Spirituality ranks highest amongst the list of values within the confines of this large island. 

Yet, the Mizu Kodomo people continue to grow in their beliefs to the point where it is questioned whether they as a people should spread their influence or religion. It has been assumed that the lesser people of the mainland are lost souls who need only to be taught they ways to a purer life style. Thus these lost souls will wander no more. This thought process is becoming more popular among the clans and people, so much so that the belief that Talon Isle is a sanctuary and rather a staging point.

In an Empire where life is so disciplined and beliefs are stronger than any other thought, a time of change can be dangerous for those within and those outside of these secluded lands.

Of The Frozen North And People Yet To Be Known:
It is rumored that in the North Lands live a people of ill though and evil deeds. They are feared by even adults, although that is seldom admitted when people speak of them to children. They are said to have no regard for any life or object and may even worship the ideas of death and murder. Their existence is questionable but there are tales, new and old, that attest to them being found in the northern most reaches of the Continent, a land that is said to be cursed.

Of A Lost People And A Destroyed City:

It is said that a people of the darkest complexion once thrived in the Rain Forests of Terra Magna. It is rumored that they once rivaled even the Golden Kingdom in strength, power, and wealth. Tales say that the Golden Kingdom would not tolerate the idea of a rival to its influence, as they people were said to be good and wholesome, not driven by greed and material objects. The story says the Golden Kingdom gathered a might host that conquered these once might people. However, they were not enslaved or simply conquered by eradicated from the continent. The newest of tales say these people still exist, that their city is ruined but still contains treasures in both wealth and knowledge just waiting to be found.

Of A Continent And People Transitioning:

The wisest of the priests, scholars, and rulers of Terra Magna say that the world is facing a time of change, that conflicting views by the people will come to a head and change the known world forever. Some assure destruction and others preach prosperity. Debates on the future could be endless but one thing is certain, Terra Magna is on the verge of change but for better or worse is undecided.

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