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Velociraptor claw and Isla Nublar rock display (replica/props) made by me
I make these velociraptor claws which nestle in a faux rock display base made to resemble Isla Nublar.

I hope I can interest some folks in a few of these. Send me a message for details.
[Image: wNaRbZC.jpg]
[Image: DEj6qxp.jpg]
[Image: TZ02USQ.jpg]
[Image: 1vz5O5e.jpg]
[Image: cWSyQOO.jpg]
[Image: korQIcl.jpg]
[Image: IO4aVlt.jpg]

Here is a tutorial on how I made these. http://imgur.com/a/Of0TQ
They look great, nice work!
(09-19-2016, 09:27 AM)Jack Wrote: They look great, nice work!

Nice job! Making the base of shape of Nublar is a great touch!
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