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Byrd's Paleoart
I don't normally make much Jurassic Park/World Dinosaurs, but whenever I do end up drawing something JP-related, I'll try my best to remember to post it here. Most of my Non-JP drawings are on Instagram, but you'll have to dig rather deep to find it. I might just end up creating a Deviantart account and posting there. 

Please tell me what you think. I'm self-taught, so constructive criticism is very helpful!

Here's my interpretation of the Fearsome Indominus rex!
[Image: indominus_by_byrdstuff-dakohni.png]

Heh, sorry this is pretty much the only JP-related drawing I have at the moment... I'll be sure to update this thread as soon as I draw another Dinosaur from the Trilogy+JW.
Any thoughts so far? I might start taking requests.
See you soon
[Image: E5763743FEF1FEFE810AF402DB263C67E0584B53]

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