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Jurassic World 2 to be MORE CONNECTED to Jurassic Park

Trying out short videos for news summaries, let me know what you guys think Smile
Well done!
I bet the Barbosol can will be part of the plot.
Awesome! Still pulling for Goldblum. He's making a bit of a comeback so it would certainly be the right time.
(11-18-2016, 10:54 PM)RaptorBlueMalcolm89 Wrote: I bet the Barbosol can will be part of the plot.

Please, no. Don't get me wrong - it would not make sense. The embryos would be kept cool in the can for 48 hours. After Nedry's demise it was covered in mud - making it near impossible to find. 

Jurassic Park: The Game does use this as a plot point, and I suppose for a game the idea works. But if the "bad guys" wanted embryos, why not simply ransack the laboratory after the survivors were evacuated? It would save them an awful lot of time searching for the Barbasol can.
Nice video Jack Smile

I'm really hoping for an overarching story arc for the new trilogy, so here's hoping this is what Bayona is getting at. The lack of one is one of the series' bigger weaknesses IMO.
I'd love to see the ruins of the park, Malcolm/Grant back and Isla Sorna.
A cameo of anyone from the original trilogy would be enough for me, having them in it doesn't make a lot of sense though who am I kidding if it were to happen I'd squeal like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I certainly hope Dr. Wu is in it since it would feel like he's absent given his role in JW and another loose end like the canister of the first movie.

A connection being Biosyn would be great since I always wanted to see more of them and it's all I wanted JP2 to be about which we ended up getting something totally different with TLW. Isla Sorna revisited would also be great, I just hope there really is a connection as these pre-movie interviews don't necessarily the final product and people just say what you want to hear.
In case you missed it, I uploaded another video last week, to summarise what we currently know about the sequel!


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