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Help me please!!!
Hello and welcome (!),
I planned a crossover between Jurassic Park and X-Men: Evolution since one year — but the problem is I have no idea! It should be an OWN PARK on Isla Nublar. It plays after ‘the lost World’.
So here is the idea so far:
Isla Nublar (near the coast of Costa Rica). 19 years after the incident of San Diego, is the park open. InGen called this big project ‘Jurassic Galaxy’. They have a lot of attraction e.g. tyrannosaurs; a plesiosaur; a Jeep-tour and even a petting zoo with mini-dinosaurs! But the guest and sponsors want more. And the motto is ‘bigger. Better. More teeth!’. So InGen create with Jean and her existence a kind of human-dinosaur-hybrid. But Jean doesn’t know that every person before her died and InGen don’t that she is a mutant…
Have you an idea for this story? What can happen? Which dinosaurs do you want? Which attraction do you want? Would you Retro or new characters? Or both? Have you more whishes?
Good day/night (!),
P.S.: pleaser by PM. 
Well, which dinosaur ideas you have?

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