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Anyone a fan of Supernatural?
I love the older seasons (1-5), and even like the newer seasons. It's amazing the series has survived this long especially since it's on the CW and past its 10 season.

The season 11 cliff hanger certainly stirred things up!

Any other fans out there?
I'm a fan as well. I got introduced to the series right around season 6 and watched it regularly up until season 10. I haven't seen the latest season yet but I'm planning on it. I'm also a fan of the first five seasons.
The first five seasons are more cohesive and I enjoy the CGI and cinematography much more. It took me some time to adjust to seasons 7 and 8, then I took a year off, but got caught up on Netflix. I'd recommended catching up on season 11 as it was pretty good. I'm hoping 12 will be even better!

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