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Juan Antonio Bayona
For those not completely familiar with his work, he is the director of El Orfanato (The Orphanage) as well as, recently, The Impossible. They're very different films and demonstrate how much range Bayona has, and they both come with very well done, prolonged sequences of suspense (particularly El Orfanato).

Thus, the announcement that he's doing the next Jurassic has given me a great deal of optimism for it. He's incredibly skilled and goes for extreme tension, which could greatly benefit the film, but more than that he's a very good actor director as well. In short, I think he's gonna absolutely wreck it.
I hope he does! On paper he seems like a very suitable choice, a smart one. He's nailed the horror aspect in The Orphanage, he worked with drama, emotion and loss in The Impossible, and he's worked with big VFX creatures in A Monster Calls - we just need to see how that's turned out!
Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how A Monster Calls turns out.

Trevorrow I think said that they were looking at Spanish horror directors last year, so I wonder if this means that the next one is going to lean toward that element a bit more.
I'm also excited about "A Monster Calls." I just read the book, and if he could translate to the screen, that could be amazing.
I do hope that it means the sequel will have a darker tone, similar to The Lost World.
Never saw the orphanage, but I really enjoyed the impossible. I'm certain the sequel is in good hands.
I need to rent The Impossible ASAP. I must admit that I know very little about J.A. I'm more than willing to give him a chance though! He appears to have a good cinematographer and a great understanding of film. If he does his research for JP and gets to know the universe, I have no doubt he will be a good choice since Trevorrow and Amblin have backed him.
To be honest, I hadn't heard of Bayona before his name was put out there as a potential JW2 director. He has a good range and talent as a director though, so I think he will be a nice fit. I hope he's not afraid to go a little on the dark side with JW2; would love to have more of the suspense and horror angle brought into the sequel.

His being hired as the director is somewhat in line with Trevorrow being tapped for the first Jurassic World: Solid filmmakers who know their stuff but may not yet be household names. Raw talent like that is essential to keeping a brand fresh and bring new perspectives and ideas into the film's world. I am confident he will nail it.
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I remember back in 2008, I was still getting Netflix DVDs in the mail and made a point to have The Orphanage sent to my house. I don't remember where I heard about it, but I heard good things. Once I popped the DVD in, I was surprised to see it was completely in Spanish. That moment always stuck out to me and I've remembered that film ever since. I thought it was a great horror film and was totally surprised to find out more recently that JA was the director. I guess I hadn't really thought about it back then. So needless to say, I was pumped to hear there was trouble in paradise, aka WWZ2.
Hoping he brings a level of realism that keeps the movie feeling more grounded.

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