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Will Dr. Wu return?
What do you think? If so, will I have more screen time than JW?
I don't know, will you?

Haha, I'm not so sure he will to be honest. It could go either way.

Will move your post for you.
The end of JW sure makes it seem like he will return. I hope he does or we will have an unanswered cliffhanger.
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
I agree with the clues JW gave us. Clearly Wu made a deal and expected it to be intact. He left in an InGen copter after all and most likely went to hold up in some secret facility.

I am expecting more of him and his story in JW2 and will be disappointed if we don't get anything more from that story arc.

Honestly, I was very surprised that he did not die in Jurassic World. I was expecting him to go instead of Masrani.
I was expecting him to die as well but by the way they set Wu up for a sequel I'm expecting him to return. Time will tell I guess
To be honest (and I say this with much respect because I know you are a fan of his)

It does not make that much of a difference for me if he is or not in JW2.

To me what would be great is Grant, Malcolm, Sattler or even TLW characters returning. Because they are the ones that truly give it that JP flavor
Link to the T Rex Spinosaurus rematch petition in Jurassic World 2 that Colin Trevorrow noted. We hope everyone joins and help us share it.

I would love do that to happen as well. It's just not the same without Grant, Malcolm, or Sattler.
Having Grant, Malcolm, and Sattler all back together would be great but how could their return not feel forced?
Would Dr. Wu's return reveal secrets about the DNA of the Indominus?
(06-29-2016, 09:57 AM)Dr. Wu Wrote: Would Dr. Wu's return reveal secrets about the DNA of the Indominus?

Probably not. I believe the Indominus's story arc is over.

Also, as for some of the Indominus Rex secrets. Here is an official chart to its genome:  

[Image: latest?cb=20151126071003]


On an unrelated note to the above; I personally would really like to see a Jeff Goldblum cameo as it would make the most sense IMO. I personally feel that Ellie and Grant's arcs are played out to the most part. I'm not going to lie, I'd love to see any of these three return, but personal bias removed, Ian Malcolm is the only one that could make sense.

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