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Chronicle Collectibles have teased their upcoming night vision goggles!
wow i would love a pair of them sooo cool
Hey guys,

First post here, but I think some of may know my youTube channel Jurassic Collectables.  This is a prop I'm very passionate about so I thought I'd chime in.

Just an update on the Chronicle goggles & what we know:-

Chronicle have scanned one the original hero props (talk is that there were two hero) and they look like this

[Image: C4Fxb3aWYAA9Cd-.jpg:large]

They've also released an image of a 1/2 scale test shot they've printed and painted.  Looks great, and they said they may offer this as a subscription box goodie or similar in future.  Shown below

[Image: C5Rven1WEAA4QSs.jpg:large]

So as far as we know, the 1:1 prop will be a match for the hero prop.  They also suggested that there will be no working lens motors, but there will be a lens extending paddle/slider so that you can manually wind the lenses in and out with your hands.  Lighting should be in there, that's much easier to replicate.

So 1:1 light up hand-winding goggles on the horizon.  I for one am excited to see what they come up with!


It looks great so far! I want a miniature copy!
Have they said anything about price? Man I want one but their stuff is so expensive.
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
Now I wish I had money. . . .
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I'm waiting for the dolls (am I supposed to call them dolls or action figures?) of Alan Grant and (hopefully) Ellie Sattler. My wish is they will create Sarah Harding as well - Malcolm seems a given, and we know Owen will be produced.

Those statues are too expensive for my taste, and fragile too.

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