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New video game on Jurassic Park
(11-21-2017, 08:26 PM)Spino3 Wrote: Hi guys, my team and I are building a new JP video game, if you are interested in the project you can follow it on our facebook page.

It actually came out 8 days ago and is a free 1st person demo of the famous main road attack scene from the original movie, recreated with unity engine:

Its available for download here:

Here are some screenshots
[Image: Ka4f3o.png]

[Image: Hsyqgl.png]
[Image: oQpgd1.png]
[Image: pvmdee.png]
[Image: 3pDCrh.png]

IMO this kicks ass and is looking incredibly awesome especially for a fan project.
Thus it shows the enormous potential of a first person adventure game in the JP-universe.

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