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The Mattel Takeover
From the site: 

So, what do you guys think? I'm not as well-versed in toy merchandising. Is this a good sign?
Hm, this was my response on Twitter and http://www.jptoys.com, I can post it here as well:

Quote:"Hasbro had its shot. Consumers selected them for extinction."

Then of course, there's a slightly more eloquent reaction to this news:

Quote: That's information most of us were not privy to before. Truth is; we don't know yet how much of this would come to fruition. Hasbro cancelled the hotly anticipated Stegosaurus and Carnotaurus (and a bunch of vehicles) from the 2013 line, after all.

As for Chronicle Collectibles: they are going to create impressive pieces, but the statues they are working on will be unaffordable for most fans. If a company like NECA can get their hands on a license we'll at least get figures of very reasonable quality and in a price range allowing for collectors to buy an entire line instead of having to settle for a single piece (or nothing at all).

Hasbro had its shot. It's time for others to take over.

(Chris had posted some information on Hasbro's future plans, to which I replied, hence the somewhat odd first sentence. Also, I wrote this before the Mattel news was available.)
Firstly, your quote was amazing.

Secondly, SO happy with this news. Hasbro deserved to lose the licensed after such a terrible JW line. Here's hoping Mattel do it justice! Time for a "Classic Jurassic" line.
Took a look at some of Mattel's current stuff. Looks okay... not too stunned or disappointed by any of it.
Mattel has the license? I thought only Habsro lost it.

I'm happy since Hasbro hasn't done a good job with the license, I look forward to any other take any other company may take. If Kenner hadn't died maybe it'd be a different story but remember Hasbro isn't the company that made the JP/TLW toys we all love.
This is a change for the better. The fact of the matter is that Hasbro has become so unreliable. Distribution is at its worst ever. There are serious quality control issues. The stuff is of cheap quality. And I'm not just talking about Jurassic World. The same is happening with Star Wars and Marvel. The culture at Hasbro has diminished severely over the last few years. The popular thing has become "make toys as inexpensively as possible and sell them for as much as we can." If you ask any collector that buys anything by Hasbro, they will tell you the same thing.

Now, Mattel is largely untested when it comes to dinosaurs. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Mattel is actually bigger than Hasbro and has more resources at their disposal. They have done solid work throughout the years on their franchise-based lines such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman Classic TV series, Ghostbusters, and WWE. Their other lines like DC Universe Classics and die cast are fan favorites as well. I will say that I haven't been too impressed with their more recent action figure offerings for Batman v Superman since the likenesses have been poor and the articulation style hasn't been updated for the better part of a decade. But, one thing that I can say about Mattel that is super important, is that they ALWAYS have their toys ready to go and on sale before movies come out. On January 1st of this year, nearly three months before it hit theaters, I found Batman v Superman toys in stores. Suicide Squad, which is coming to theaters next month, has been hitting retail since July 1st. And, they always have stuff available. You don't have to work as hard to find things as you do with Hasbro since they have their distribution in check. Ultimately, that's such a huge factor, and if they hold to that standard, I think everyone who wants new Jurassic toys in 2018 will be able to find them before the movie comes out. I'm very optimistic and truly think this was the right move.
Mattel is an alright company, they have pros/cons. Hasbro already showed us what they could do and we didn't like it. Mattel will at least bring something new to the table.
I think what's more exciting is what Chronicle is doing with it's dioramas, but I'm definitely just interested in seeing what Mattel comes up with.
From my post over at the JPT forum:

I'll post this here as well to get more exposure:

This is the end of an era folks.

I don't associate Hasbro with Kenner toys, but many others do and I can understand why. So, with that assumption it has been 23 years of Jurassic Park (World) toys at Kenner/Hasbro. More than two decades.

Hasbro destroyed the Jurassic Park license with their Jurassic World line. I still stand behind my feelings of them having no excuse to produce toys with such horrible all around quality. I'll never forgot the sickle clawless Titan Velociraptors (Yes, I know Universal was to blame as well). The higher ups simply did not care about Jurassic Park enough. Some of the best talent in the toy industry started to leave Hasbro in the early 2000's and the company had issues keeping talent ever since.

Hasbro had a magnificent classic Jurassic Park line ready for 2010, 2011, and then 2013, but they were never able to manufacture or get them into any retailers and that is a crying shame. All the other JP toy lines they released were a large step down from Kenner.

I won't miss them, but I will miss the legacy (starting with Kenner) and potential that Hasbro had. The new Hasbro lacks any care for the franchises and licensing they have, produces toys with horrible paint applications, and has major quality control and distribution issues. This new Hasbro deserves to lose the JP license. I cannot reasonably see an argument for them to have the right to keep it after the Jurassic World 2015 debacle.

Now, Mattel is at the ropes. I don't know what to think. I don't know Mattel very well and have never collected it. From what I see and read online, the new Mattel is said to be about the same as Hasbro. The great expense of quality and passion are traded away for the dollar bill. Greed is greed.

I'll do my best to remain as optimistic as possible, but this news is certainly not good in the short term. What does this mean for Hasbro's JP plans? I'm thinking they have already began to bow out and will be a lame duck for the next year and a half until Mattel can run the show in 2018.

I am greatly concerned about the style, quality, knowledge base, and scaling of Mattel's future JP/JW lines. I don't think we will get anything better than Hasbro's JW line for their traditional retail lines due to their lack of experience with Jurassic. I hope I am dead wrong though!

I also am praying to the toy gods that they consider a classic Jurassic Park collector focused line as they could retail it at MattyCollector and other e-tailers that have a similar focus.

We will probably be completely left in the dark though once again as all this stuff happens behind closed doors.

This is definitely major news, but I don't consider it good news yet. This is also official confirmation that Hasbro's best Jurassic Park line (where the 2013 Allosaurus and Pachyrhino came from) will never see the light of day.
(07-26-2016, 01:43 AM)Anonymous Wrote: This new Hasbro deserves to lose the JP license. 

Completely agree.

And as for your Mattel worry, it's only expected based on some of their products. But their recent Ghostbusters toyline really impressed me and I think it shows what Mattel can do, if they put the effort in. And with a license like Jurassic Park, I bet they will. No doubt they've been after this license for years.

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