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Jurassic Park Script - Michael Crichton - Draft 01/19/91
For the first time ever, we now can see how Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park, adapted his own novel into a screenplay. Previously unearthed drafts that have made their way online have only been penned by David Koepp or Malia Scotch Marmo. The draft presented here is not Crichton's first draft, but the final of his drafts between September 1990 and January 1991, as far as I am aware from available information. During this process, many meetings about script changes and ideas from the production team helped shape Crichton's drafts all the way through, including input from Steven Spielberg himself. This draft is dated January 19th, 1991. Despite not being entirely from Crichton's head, the collaborative effort still results in a draft that is written by the master author himself, and is quite a relic to behold that stands apart from the rest.

Since this thread is being brought about with the celebration with Jurassic June, several pages will be posted each day until the entire script is up.

In the meantime, join the fun, and enjoy!

Cover Page:

Page 01:

Page 02:

Page 03:


Jurassic June is over, so the entire script can now be downloaded via Jurassic Outpost's downloads page, or directly below.

Also available is a Re-Type done by yours truly, similiar in format, and as accurate in typing as possible, given the source material. Some guesses had to be made on a few minor words that were simply unreadable or wiped out. Page numbers won't match the scanned version. Created for easier reading and analysis:

JURASSIC PARK 01-19-1991 (Crichton) Scanned PDF

JURASSIC PARK 01-19-1991 (Crichton) Re-Typed PDF

JURASSIC PARK 01-19-1991 (Crichton) Re-Typed Word Document

Also, an announcement:

This summer, prepare to discover the larger world of Jurassic Park's extensive pre-production in the first installment of a special two-part analysis. Featuring extensive selections of never-before-seen artwork and storyboards, delve into the Jurassic Park that was based on Crichton's vision of what the film could have been. While focusing on various quotes and the newly-discovered January 19th, 1991 revised script, prepare to be blown away by all-new details on what other ideas his original draft had in store. What other scenes from the novel could have existed in the film? What other unique additions did Crichton come up with? What changed between the original and his final January draft?

The first part is merely the wind-up before the pitch. In the winter, we'll discover there was a draft of Jurassic Park's screenplay by none of its known writers that may be the most interesting draft of them all...
Woah, this is amazing! Thank you for sharing! Have you read the whole thing yet? What notable differences are there?
This is nice! I have heard of multiple drafts floating among collectors and it's great to see a preview. I assume you will post the PDF download in this thread? Today is June 1st! Wink
Awesome find, man! I look forward to reading along.
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Thanks, guys! Very happy to share this!

Yes, the entire thing will be posted at the end of the month, as a PDF, but in the meantime I am having fun posting a few pages every day. In a way, it allows us to really look at it instead of just downloading it and pushing it aside.

I have only seen bits and pieces so far, as I have only had this for a while and am busy working on my own novel. However, some of the things I did see are pretty awesome. Hammond's death, for example, is quite something! And no, it isn't like his death in the novel.

I am re-typing the entire document, soon, which will help in many ways and familiarize me with this draft even more.
Page 04:

Page 05:

Page 06:

Page 07:
Love this. I'm going to wait until the PDF goes online until the full read though!
Aww, way to ruin my fun! Wink jk. By then I should also have it re-typed, which may make it easier for people and can be translated, etc.
Page 08:

Page 09:

Page 10:

Page 11:
This is exciting!

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