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Jurassic Park Script - Michael Crichton - Draft 01/19/91
Loving how this is going. Very close to the book, but with some different elements.
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Page 12:

Page 13:

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Page 15:

Hope you enjoy these new pages. Smile I thought I would also take the opportunity to ask for your opinion on my re-type of this script that will begin later this month. Should I preserve the page breaks exactly as they are seen here (including all of the "continued" text)? Or should I simply type it all, keeping in its script format, but not attempting to match page breaks (and omitting all of the "continued" text)?
(06-04-2016, 12:13 AM)jurassiraptor Wrote: Loving how this is going. Very close to the book, but with some different elements.

Crichton was determined to keep the darker aspects of it!
Yeah, that does appear to be true, even in this script. Which is odd if you think about it, because Spielberg embraced this darkness for some time until Koepp took over and toned it down to what we got. This was during Schindler's List being made, as well, so it is interesting that he, at least initially, wanted to start going dark with two films at the same time. However, even Crichton knew the film should not be a gore-fest like his novel was at times.

Check out this article where he talks about the process that I found incredibly insightful:


Quote:“A similar issue has to do with what you call `visceral things,”‘ said the author-adapter. “You can have gory descriptions in a book, because everyone is their own projectionist. I’ve al¬ways found it unwise to do that in a movie, because it throws you out of the movie. As soon as you see guts, you immediately think, `Where did they get them? How did they do it?’ You do not believe for a moment that that’s actually happening. Since I see it as an insoluble problem to present viscera, the movie wisely doesn’t do that. I also think the explicitness of the violence serves a different purpose [in the book]. You don’t have certain advantages a movie has, so in a way the violence is a way to say, `These are real dinosaurs, and take them seriously, 0 Reader.’ In the movie, if they look wonderful, then you take them seriously; you don’t have to see them tear people open. Your decision about taking them seriously is based on other things, so [graphic violence is] unnecessary.
Interesting how this version introduces the kids much earlier than both the novel and the finished film. The first act seems to move a lot quicker too.
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Yeah, looks like even Crichton wanted to originally follow Jurassic World's "just get these people to the damn island" approach in the movie version. Wink
Page 16:

Page 17:

Page 18:

Page 19:
It's a shame the movies didn't showcase Malcolm's pool hustling skills.
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