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Jurassic Park Script - Michael Crichton - Draft 01/19/91
I love reading these! Always a joy to find a tweet with new pages during my workday.

Seems the rewrites did the script and story (and the final film) a huge favor. It's moving along very fast! Then again, it is a first draft. Do we know how long it took Crichton to write this? Might have been some pressure to get a script on paper.
(06-07-2016, 05:40 PM)Neelis Wrote: I love reading these! Always a joy to find a tweet with new pages during my workday.
Agreed! Reading a few pages every evening has become a highlight of my day. Thanks again scallenger for posting these!
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I'm glad you guys are enjoying the way I am releasing them! Since I am working on my novel this week, I still have not even begun the re-type, but once I do, it should fly by. I'll be spending literally every day working on it after this week, so I will be fairly familiar with the way this script is.

Well, if you have seen from JPL those notes from the scripts, the original version (before revisions, like this one) of the draft was even FASTER. Like literally began already on the island, with the tour underway, I believe. That script isn't available, but the notes on it are in some degree.
Page 28:

Page 29:

Page 30:

Page 31:
Page 32:

Page 33:

Page 34:

Page 35:

I'm not sure I would have liked a Jurassic Park movie with Ed Regis as the one saying "Welcome To Jurassic Park", as seen here.
Will you be uploading the entire script in one file at the end?
Yes, it will be.
Here's a thought I just had; do you guys think Michael Crichton incorporated ideas from earlier drafts for this Jurassic Park script? It might give us a glimpse of different ideas he had for the story before the final book was published.
That's a possibility! Pretty hard to ever know for sure, without learning more about his old JP novel drafts, but I can definitely see that having happened! Speaking of early novel drafts... I TRULY hope we will see one of those, someday. For those not in the know, the Jurassic Park novel was originally told from the kids POV. It wasn't until Crichton showed his drafts done in that perspective to various people, and got feedback that they wanted it more adult, that he changed it to the story we know today. THAT is something that needs to surface. I'm sure it was still in his files, somewhere, before his passing. They've already released two posthumous works of his, so I think it is really only a matter of time before we see something like that, and other notes. Especially for his most popular novel.

In the meantime, this script is the closest thing we have to something like that. FINALLY. However, the thing to remember is this revision, and many others he worked on, use ideas that are not solely his. He incorporated ideas brought up by Spielberg, Rick Carter, and others, and adapted them into his original script. So while this is 100% Crichton, like any work of art it is inspired by many sources.

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