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Kong: Skull Island
Legendary released the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island on July 16 during SDCC 2016. March seems far of now, personally I'm excited for this new take! Have a look! 


While it does remind me of King Kong 1976 (mainly due to the setting, but tone as well), it seems to hold its own. This is not the classic story with a film crew and a damsel in distress. It seems a lot grittier than the original, sequel and the remakes.
A wonderful trailer that really has utilized it's locations. This seriously looks amazing!
I'm so pumped for this movie. It looks amazing!
Can't wait as well! Love that Kong is standing on two legs like the classic looking Kong, he's just more bigger like the Toho Kong
I'm looking forward to this as well. Samuel L. Jackson is the shit.

Also, the new King Ape has been oversized to like 3x of what its past sizing has been. I guess bigger, louder, more teeth is the right description here. Wink
I loved everything about this trailer, and Kong's new size is terrifying. But it's a shame when you realise the reason he's that big is so he can fight Godzilla in the sequel...

Not every movie has to have a massive universe.
His size is a little worrying. Kong is supposed to be big, but not too big, otherwise interaction with the human characters becomes increasingly difficult.

On the other hand, we don't know yet what they have in store for us. There's rumor about a smaller Kong and the large one. (How much of this is true is anyone's guess - personally, I don't think it is - all speculation based on the trailer). It might work very well. It's safe to assume (a) Kong survives, as he will battle Godzilla in King Kong vs. Godzilla eventually. As there will be roughly forty years between the time Kong plays out and the vs. film, it's possible Kong has time to grow a bit more. He might not be at his biggest in the new Kong film.

Below some more thoughts I lazily copied and pasted from my IMDB posts:

Quote:Yes. I've followed the production from very early on (there was an excellent fan dedicated website, called kongisking.net, where the crew would upload short making of videos every week), which was one of the best movie experiences I've ever had - to enjoy the creation of this film with dozens of other fans and having the director and crew and cast answer questions we sent in.

The film itself is a bit of a mixed bag. Visually it's stunning and holds up well (minus the Brontosaurus stampede and the Velociraptors, those looked dreadful - it was clear all attention went to Kong himself and the V. rexes he fights). The acting is good, but there are some loose ends that never get resolved (Jimmy), and I thought Jack Black was the weak link. Nothing against him personally, but his portrayal of the character didn't really fit in for me.

While the film is a little too long (they could have shaved off at least twenty minutes), the pay-off is worth the wait. The final battle is a visual feast and the reason the film seems to have been made; to recreate the fight between Kong and the airplanes with modern-day visual effects.

One other thing I liked were the natives. I know most people were disappointed as they were hiding in the ruins of the village, but I really enjoyed that aspect. Something happened, and a once noble tribe fell into despair. It's a shame we won't get a prequel to explore more of Skull Island's origins. the art book The World of Kong fills that gap nicely though.

All in all, Jackson's King Kong is a pleasant experience worth revisiting every few years.

Quote:One thing the 1976 King Kong film has over the other two is the relationship between Kong and Dwan. In the original, Ann is screaming her head off (understandably) as soon as she's confronted with Kong and the other animals, and it doesn't stop. In the final scenes she has very few lines but gets quite a few screams. She's nothing but terrified, even though Kong did not hurt her.

In Jackson's version, Ann soon learns she's better off with Kong and even runs after him when the battle with the V. rexes is over. She seeks him out in New York too (and on the island she pleads with him to turn back, obviously something he doesn't understand). She climbs part of the Empire State Building herself to get to him and protect him from the airplanes.

Dwan is balanced much better. She's terrified of Kong and tries to get away every chance she gets, but she does quickly realize he has no intention of hurting her. When she learns the crew wants to drown Kong on the cargo ship as he becomes aggressive, she rushes over to soothe him.

However, she still sees a chance to become famous and goes along with the show - but as Kong escapes, she and Jack rush away again. She's clearly terrified.

At the top of the World Trade Center, she tries to convince Kong to hold her because she knows he will be killed by the air force. She has no desire to be with him when she doesn't have to, but she certainly understands he does not pose a threat to her.

I think Jackson looked at the 1976 version and used the element of Dwan rushing towards Kong, begging him to hold her for his Ann Darrow - and multiplied the trait.
Here's my thoughts.

All hail the King:


This trailer got a mixed reception (a lot of people don't appreciate the comedic tone), but I'm even more excited. The one thing they should have left out is the premature reveal of John. C. Reilly's character living on the island - it really diminishes the impact of the confrontation with the natives (?).

Everything else is looking good! I think it's going to be a healthy mix between action, fun and a message of how we treat the planet and its resources.
My friend Roselaar and I saw the film yesterday (though separately), and we shared our thoughts on the JPToys.com forum. Below you'll find mine. (Might contain minor spoilers for those who have not yet seen the film.)

Quote:We saw it around the same time, I reckon! It was an enjoyable rollercoaster ride, with non-stop action, jokes and even bits of horror; people laughed, shouted and screamed in unison during my showing. Shame the story was so... shallow. I really would liked to have learned a bit more about the "natives"; were they descendants of doomed ships? Did they come from Polynesia and settle on Skull Island?

The most interesting part of the film, in my opinion, was over too soon. And there was little tension; characters just ran from set piece to set piece and monsters appeared when needed and/ or convenient.

All in all, not a bad two hours to spend in a cinema; Kong: Skull Island certainly delivers fine visual effects, spectacular backdrops and a fine performance by Mr. Reilly (who everyone thought would be horrible - it's Goodman who disappoints sorely) - I'll most likely see it on the big screen once more. Don't go in expecting Shakespeare and you'll be guaranteed a good time.

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