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Comparing Novel Characters to the Film Versions.
Which ones are your favorites? Do you like novel Grant better or film Grant and etc.
I like the film versions better in most cases, but it's hard sometimes to separate the character from the actor because their performances were iconic: I can't read the novel without picturing Sam Neill even though the description of the character is sometimes quite different. And Jeff Goldblum IS Malcolm.  And they definitely made the right choice in aging up the kids and making Lex older, giving her a purpose in the film rather than being the whiny tyrannosaur bait she was in the novel.

They really mixed things up when it came to the Lost World adaptation though: Doc Thorne became Movie Eddie, Novel Eddie became this extra:
[Image: co0fMri.jpg]

Sarah and Levine were combined into one character, as were Kelly and Arby, and Nick was created from nowhere (along with the entire InGen crew). But, the story changed so much from the novel to the movie that the differences work in its favor.
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Real quick: the film's screenplay is credited to Crichton and David Koepp. Knowing how Hollywood works, I suspect that Crichton wrote the first draft, and Koepp polished it up. I say this not necessarily to suggest Koepp is a better writer, but again, because that’s just how Hollywood works. There could be any number of writers who did polish jobs on the script before they finally began shooting the thing, who didn’t get credit because of Writers Guild rules, not to mention the work Spielberg and the actors put into developing the characters.  Refer essay writing reviews to get reviews of various online writers.
Well I very much prefer the movie characters to their novel counterparts. Such is the case for most of them, but not all. I'm not going to lie, I kind of like the book's portrayal of Hammond. Wait. What am I saying. No, I take it back. I gave it a thought and I just realized that movie Hammond is far superior, no question.

Alright, never mind, all the movie adaptions are better. Except for Muldoon, who I imagine was a total hunk.

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