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What did Jurassic World get right?
We already have a missed opportunities for JW thread so in this one share what you think the film did right.
The soundtrack. IMO one of the most underrated soundtracks ever.
Link to the T Rex Spinosaurus rematch petition in Jurassic World 2 that Colin Trevorrow noted. We hope everyone joins and help us share it.

I think it was a breezy, pacy action adventure film. I like that about it. Doesn't feel like a slow slog.

That also is why it's a bit problematic, but taken for what it is, it's a dang fun film.
The scenes in the control room were fun.
The Raptor taming. This was a big worry of many people, but I think the way they handled it was perfect. They still were animals and even turned on the humans. It was a fine line to walk and a dangerous one story wise, but I think it worked out great.
[Image: 1jnpkw.jpg]
I think they way they revealed Rexy was done almost perfectly, especially when at first you could only see it's eyes.
[Image: t-rex-jurassic-park_wide-a2deb59155d62f2...s6-c30.jpg]
I've actually been working on a fairly extensive piece about trying to see the positives of JW. 

There's a surprising amount of stuff I like in there, given how outspoken I am about having not liked the film as a whole. The first thing that comes to mind is the scene in which Masrani confronts Wu about the creation of the Indominus. That was objectively great. 'We're just used to being the cat...' set a really ominous tone for the rest of the film.
Still waiting for Jurassic Park to become a reality...
That line was brilliant. Wasn't it from the novel?
(08-04-2016, 09:08 PM)Jack Wrote: That line was brilliant. Wasn't it from the novel?

I don't think that one was — not 100% on it, though — but Wu's, 'If I don't innovate, someone else will,' from the same scene is lifted straight from the book, although it comes from one of Malcolm's lectures about the various problems with scientists.

[Image: CpC5-5DWcAA6i_C.jpg]

I love that paragraph. One paragraph, two films, two characters. Great stuff.
Still waiting for Jurassic Park to become a reality...

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