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What did Jurassic World get right?
Simon Masrani and Dr. Wu were huge show-stealers for me.

There is a TON more I can speak positively about, but they stand out the most. Them and the design/animation & CG of the Indominus.
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(08-05-2016, 12:08 AM)JackEwins Wrote: Everything.

Pretty much agree. There are some issues I have but overall I love the film.

And as for my personal favorite positives, Masrani, Dr. Wu, the Indominus, the raptor squad, and just the whole park itself (even though a lot of the park was just glimpsed at).
I personally loved it. I love it more and more as I rewatch it. Is it a perfect film? No. But neither is the first film.

With a franchise as beloved as this one and a sequel so prolonged and speculated as JW was, I think a certain amount of fan disappointment was bound to happen. It's the same with Star Wars. Most liked/loved TFA...but it has a faction of people who are supremely disappointed in it. That's why I actively avoid huge speculation threads and thread dedicated to wish lists and desires. There is too much specificity in what fans want from their favorite franchises. I go into threads like that and think "These people are asking to be let down".

I get speculation and wish lists and "what so-and-so sequels NEEDS to do" discussions are part of the fun , but it's all too easy to let it go to your head and bring that baggage into the theater.

JW brought back the charm, fun and heart of the franchise for me and I love it for that.

-It lets the character feel like real people. While they fit into tropes, they never come off as purely stock. Masrani and Hoskins are the best examples of this. In a lesser script both would have been entirely one-note. The script and actors portrayed them as real people. Same goes for the kids. While I like Lex and Tim...Zach and Grey had none of the "movie-ness" that Lex, Kelly and Erik had. They felt like the most realistic kids in the series. I'm kind of glad neither of them had a "safe the day" moment. It made it feel more real. They served as audience surrogates with a nice little arc to themselves.
-The CGI is damned impressive (sans a few shots here and there). I will never understand some of the criticisms of the CGI in this film. I think people let their nostalgia for the first film blind them too much...because so it is objectively dated.
-It harkened back to the days when films like this felt more earnest and pure. Now-a-days these kinds of films feel more by the numbers or have some of kind of winking, meta aspect to them. While JW had a soft satirical edge to it, it never overrode the tone.
-The actions beats were all exciting and fun. While Trevorrow isn't Spielberg, I think people underrate how well crafted and shot the action scenes are. There are so many shots and moments in the film that are pure JP to me. The I-Rex escape, the ACU attack (especially the shot of the I-Rex running, mouth open at the one guy) , the helicopter attack, the entire last act...it's all so classically stage. No over indulgent tricks, no shaky cam or hand-held. Just well composed shots.
-a score by Michael Giacchino that tributes and homages William's work without feeling like a pale copy or lazy retread.
The things I liked most about Jurassic World:

-Michael Giacchino's score
-The return of Henry Wu
-A good cast
-The design of the new park (I especially liked the petting zoo)
-Exciting action scenes
-Likable characters (Didn't rely on bringing back Sam Neil or Jeff Goldblum)
-Rexy's reveal and the redemption of the T-Rex after JPIII
-Raptor/T-Rex/Mosasaurus team-up
-Fast pacing
-The raptors were handled well
-Bringing back the franchise from extinction after JPIII
-Returning to Isla Nublar
-The Indominus Rex
-The final scene... (I and many others in the theater applauded when the credits started to roll)

Was it worth the years of development hell? It was for me and many other people I know. It's not a perfect movie and it has its missed opportunities, but it's very enjoyable and it more than made up for JPIII. I especially like how somebody new to the franchise can watch it, as was the case for a friend of mine who hadn't seen the other films but really liked Jurassic World. It's a great film for a long-time fan and for a new generation of movie-goers. I'm excited to see where the franchise is heading.
Most things... others, eh...
"It's a high hide. A high hide, you know you go up and you hide high. Goes up to where the trees are, and keeps the researchers out of harms way" - Eddie Carr
'Actually it would put them at a very convenient biting height" - Ian Malcolm
- The Indominus. Most people were worried about the idea of a "hybrid" dinosaur, but I feel it was almost flawless in execution. It looked different enough to be something somewhat "out-of-world", but still enough like a regular theropod to not take you out of the film.

- Trained raptors. Again, a plot point that most of us were worried about ended up being a pretty big success. The raptors were treated with respect and still seemed like dangerous animals even when they were caged.

- The Rex. The T. Rex was treated with total respect and was saved until the final act of the film, which worked perfectly. You really got a sense of awe and wonder when it finally appeared.

There's a ton more that JW got right as well, but these three things are probably the most important to me.
The Pratt-Pratt. Heh.

Also the score was amazing, Masrani was awesome - that discussion between Masrani and Wu was really chilling and wonderful - and Rexy was on-point, and the Indominus Rex was respectfully handled IMO, and many, many other things. I should really invest more time in listing off all the things JW got right. But it's late and I'm sleepy. Wowee!

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