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Favorite moment in the original trilogy?
What is hands down, your number 1 favorite moment in the original Jurassic Park trilogy? Is it the T-Rex breakout scene? Is it the Raptors in the kitchen? Is it The Lost World's game trail? Is it the Spino vs Rex fight in JP3?

Hands down, the brachiosaur sighting at the beginning of the first movie. The emotion in the actors' performances, the swelling John Williams score, the flawless appearance of the majestic brach... that moment had it all.
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Ah, thats too hard! There are so many classic moments, its impossible to choose. Rexy's breakout is definitely up there, so too Muldoon's death scene and the Gallimimus stampede. But also underrated sequences like The Lost World RV trailer sequence going over the cliff and the Raptors in the long grass. And say what you want about JP3, but there are some good scenes in there as well like the Pteranodon aviary and Spinosaurus boat scene. In short, there are just so many, but all undeniably awesome!
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Yea, I gotta go real typical and pick the T-Rex breakout scene. I include the lead-in as well, because there are some great character moments in there as well. Aside from the whole amazing CGI, giant animatronic Rex and thrills, I love the dialogue. Before the breakout, you have Grant arriving back at the vehicle after checking on the kids and you get this genius back and forth:

MALCOLM: The kids okay? GRANT: Well, I didn't ask. Why wouldn't they be? MALCOLM: Kids get scared. GRANT: What's to be scared about? It's just a little hiccup in the power. MALCOLM: I didn't say I was scared. GRANT: I didn't say you were scared. MALCOLM: I know.

That's probably my favorite bit of dialogue in the entire series. Plus the breakout scene has so many other memorable quotes, it's kinda insane to be honest. How can one sequence hold so many great lines? I think that shows how great the script writers were at the time and really focused on the characters to help build suspense, instead of just action.
What a complete nightmare of a question...

I have a very strong attachment to the second half of the Brachiosaur reveal in the original, when we get that close-up of Grant, and then see the animals at the lagoon as the score crescendoes, but my favourite moment of the trilogy comes from The Lost World. I have mixed feelings about that film as a whole, but Hammond's speech at the end, with the theme playing softly in the background, is magical.
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(06-03-2016, 01:42 AM)SpacemanSpooky Wrote: not sure if its my favorite, but every time, and i'm talking triple digit viewings, the kitchen scene when the raptors get in the kitchen in jp and tim looks out and gasps, then they both hide back behind the kitchen counter....i get a knot in my stomach EVERY time...

It really is a terrifying scene. And so perfectly executed.
I'de have to say my favourite moment has always been the brachiosaurus sighting. It's such a beautiful shot and the score ties it up very nicely.
Sick triceratops and it's not even close.
There's so many amazing scenes but my favourite moment is in the final fight between Rexy and the raptors, when the Rex gets a hold of the second raptor (on its back), takes a single deadly bite and throws it in to the skeletons. Deep down I guess I'm always be rooting for the T-Rex!
(06-03-2016, 04:56 PM)brandonh83 Wrote: Sick triceratops and it's not even close.

This scene is brilliant. Alan actually being able to touch a dinosaur, something he's studied and based his whole career around. Great scene!

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