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Jurassic Park auditions
Have you guys ever seen the Jurassic Park audition tapes?  Here is Gwyneth Paltrow and Helen Hunt auditioning for the role of Ellie Sattler. I think Helen nailed it, I wouldn't mind seeing her in this kind of role in a Jurassic movie.

There are supposedly more videos out there of different stars auditioning for Jurassic Park: the tapes went up for auction a couple of years ago. Has anyone seen any of the others?

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I'm a little blown away by how immediately and completely I accepted Helen Hunt as Sattler. I love the Ellie we got, but an alternate version with Hunt in the role would be so interesting to watch. You want a bigger idea of how she might've played it? Go watch Twister.
Still waiting for Jurassic Park to become a reality...
Woah whattt?! I've never seen these, nice find! Hope the others have been shared. Did Harrison Ford ever actually audition for the movie?
Woah! Wicked find man. Very cool.
Wow, I love Laura Dern but if they would've picked Helen Hunt I would have been just as happy.

I'm willing to bet that this is what got her the role in 'Twister' since it was also a Amblin/Speilberg movie, also written by Micheal Crichton, just a few years later! Most likely left a strong impression on them till they started casting for 'Twister' and asked her to audition again.

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