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How dark and different was Jurassic World in your opinion
IMO JW got more things right than JP3 did but that said I still enjoy JP3. While many fans may feel that JP3 is a more better (JP) film than JW I just feel the opposite.

We all love this franchise for many different reasons and each new film will give us more reasons.
Lots of comparisons here with interesting points from various sides. My take:

JP sort of wins all as far as the combination of all these factors goes. I think one of the main reasons is the development of the various characters who go through all this; JP is def. the most character-driven of the 4 films so far.

JW's approach is sort of a "what would happen if the Pirates of the Caribbean broke down and the pirates ate the tourists". It's about a theme park which is running, giving the film an inevitably brighter feel. Also set mostly during the day. JW is about thrills, from the darkest death to the coolest attraction. JP is about plot and discovery. TLW is about adventure. JP3 is.. also about adventure, but faster-paced with less intricate character work. Each of these bases yields a different kind of picture when characters get killed, and I would say the death scenes of each movie deliver pretty well based on the film they are in.

My two cents!

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