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Princess of the World
Who am I? Why not start from the beginning. 25 years ago, 15 years before I was born, a man named John Hammond financed an expedition for fossilized amber. His motive was to take dinosaur DNA from the mosquitos trapped in tree sap. 21 years ago, when moving one of my kind, a worker by the name of Joffrey was killed. This prompted Hammond to invite two humans, a paleontologist by the name of Alan Grant, and a paleobotanist named Ellie Sattler, to his island. His mission was to prove that the island was safe and viable. He brought along a lawyer, Donald Gennaro, a chaos theorist, Ian Malcolm, and his two grandkids, Lex and Tim Murphy.

The island trip started like something out of a dream, but it quickly turned into a nightmare when a man named Dennis Nedry stole the dinosaur embryos to be sold off to Biosyn, Ingen’s rival. All of the park’s power went out, allowing the dinosaurs to roam free. The lawyer was killed by an old friend of mine, Rexy. Along the way, a Dilophosaurus killed Nedry. One of my kind nicknamed “The Big One” killed the park’s game warden, Robert Muldoon. The park’s head of security, Ray Arnold, was also killed by a Raptor. The Raptors were ultimately killed, trying to kill the humans, by Rexy. If you’re wondering why I see Rexy as a friend, it’s because I hated “The Big One”, her pack, and what they stood for.

They weren’t true savages, though, no, that title belongs to the Raptors of eastern Isla Sorna. When a little girl was injured exploring Sorna, Hammond sent a team of researchers to help protect that island from those that wanted to exploit the creatures living on the island. The team was made of Ian Malcolm, Nick Van Owen, the video documentarian, Eddie Carr, the field equipment expert, and Sarah Harding, Ian’s girlfriend, and a pioneering paleontologist. Their expedition was interrupted by a team of hunters, led by Hammond’s nephew, Peter Ludlow. Among them was Roland Tembo, a great white hunter, who was there simply to bag a male T-rex. He did not get his prize in the end. Instead, he lost more than he came with when the Raptors killed his partner Ajay.

The hunters were there to take the creatures off the island. The researchers released all of the creatures, which, in my opinion, was deplorable and idiotic. Especially since they decided to rescue a baby T-rex, which Roland was using to bait its parents so he could kill the father. They attempted to heal the baby rex after its leg was broken by being trapped. It worked but it got the parents to seek to destroy the humans. They escaped the island, but not without a run-in with Velociraptors that were more fearsome than any other Raptors I’ve ever met, attacking each other with no real reason. That wasn’t the greatest event that happened that year, though. The hunters managed to capture the male T-rex, and well as its infant. The rex escaped, and wreaked havoc across San Diego. It was after food, water, and its child. One way or another, it found food, water, and was reunited with its child. Soon after, they were sent back to the island. And the island was made a biological reserve.

Nothing major happened on either Nublar or Sorna for years, until a child named Eric Kirby, and his mother’s boyfriend, Ben Hildebrand, went parasailing over Sorna. They crashed into the forest, and Ben was killed under mysterious circumstances. Eric survived on the island for 8 weeks, despite my kind nesting nearby. His mother and father, Amanda and Paul Kirby, along with Grant, helped to rescue him. The infant Tyrannosaur, now a sub-adult, nearly killed them, but it was soon after killed by a Spinosaurus.

The Spinosaurus in question was particularly powerful and vengeful. When the plane the humans flew in on smashed into its sail, the Spinosaurus decided to kill the humans no matter what it took to do so. After being chased by the Spinosaurus, the humans walked into an aviary filled with Pteranodons. Eric was attacked by the Pteranodons. Billy Brennan, a man who came along to help Grant, who didn’t know the real reason he was going to the island, and made the foolish decision to steal Raptor eggs, rescued him. When he lost his bag running from the Raptors, Grant grabbed it and held onto it throughout the trek through the island. His rescue was as successful as it could be, but in the end, he was still attacked by the Pteranodons. The Spinosaurus attacked the humans when they were on board a boat heading towards the coast. Grant scared the Spinosaurus away using a Flare Gun on gasoline barrels, setting the river on fire right underneath the Spinosaurus.

The Raptors got what they wanted most when they ambushed the humans to get their eggs back. After the encounter, the humans walked onto the coast where the United States Navy and Marines had been called in by Ellie, who at that point was married to a man named Mark Deglar, after Grant called her using the satellite phone that Paul owned which ended up inside the belly of the Spinosaurus. You can imagine how they got the phone back. As they left in a helicopter they discovered that Billy had survived his rescue attempt and that the Pteranodons had escaped the aviary. They ended up on the mainland, in a place called Tora Bora, where a team led by the future head of security of Jurassic World, Vic Hoskins, killed them all.

Three years later, under the leadership of Simon Masrani, Jurassic World opened its gates. Among its staff was Jurassic Park fan Lowery Cruthers, park operations manager Claire Dearing, head of security Vic Hoskins, chief geneticist Henry Wu, and my father Owen Grady. Now you may be asking yourself, “How is Owen my father?” Well, let me start my story and you’ll see just how that’s so.
I was the first hatched of my sisters and me. I looked around me and saw three other eggs. I knew from the moment I was born that they were my siblings. After some struggle, I made my way out of my egg. Once I had made my way out of my egg, I felt something lift me. I looked up to see who it was and I saw that it was a human male. It was Owen. He cradled me and pulled me in close. He scratched my head with one hand while rubbing my belly with the other. I enjoyed the contact, as I laid there, head back, voice soft as a psalm. After a few tender moments, I felt Owen stop and place me onto a table away from the Hatchery.
I heard cracking and squeaking as my second-born sibling, my sister Delta, came into the world. I watched Owen handle Delta, but he simply scratched her chin and place her by me. I didn’t know why I had gotten so much attention, yet Delta so little. Before I could question Owen’s ideas, I heard more cracking. It was my sister Echo, who was attempting to break out of her egg. When she was out, Owen again scratched her chin. I realized then that the attention Owen had given me was special, something not meant for my siblings. I knew from that moment on, that he and I had a special connection. Owen placed Echo on the table as more cracking came from the final egg. Charlie was born. Owen again scratched her chin before placing Charlie on the table with the rest of us.
Owen walked away from the Hatchery, his work seemingly accomplished. I watched him walk up to a scientist, an Indian man, and a woman wearing a white lab coat. The woman yelled for a moment before the Indian and geneticist talked to her, which caused her to calm down, though she still looked angry. She pointed a finger at Owen and told him something I couldn’t hear and most likely not understand. Owen walked back towards us, along with the scientist. The scientist picked my sisters up, as Owen picked me up. The scientist walked off in one direction, while Owen walked off with me in another. I didn’t try to escape from his hands despite this.
Owen walked outside with me which allowed me to notice that it was dark outside. Owen walked outside of the building and to a bag connected to a two-wheeled machine. Owen placed me in the bag, which was quite deep as he climbed onto the machine. The machine came alive with a violent roar which caused me to let out a scream. Owen placed a hand on my head and rubbed it, which calmed me down. I poked my head out of the bag, which was securely held in place to the machine. Suddenly, the world around me moved at a startling pace. I looked up at Owen, who acted completely calm despite this. His calmness and coolness reflected on my face. I looked ahead and saw the long path ahead. I noticed a small shack coming up, which the machine headed for. The machine slowed before dying outside of the shack.
Owen picked me up and carried me into the little shack. I noticed that it had several special machines that I didn’t know the purpose of. Owen carried me to a strange rectangular shape. He placed me onto the shape as I noticed that it was soft. Owen walked into a room that had clothes in it. When he left, he had changed his clothes, throwing the ones he had on before into a basket at the foot of the bed. Owen climbed into the shape while I rested on top of it. Owen again rubbed my head as I moved to Owen’s head. I realized that Owen might move in the night, so I moved to the side of the shape by his head. Then, with thoughts of the life, I’m going to live ahead, I drifted off to sleep.

Seven years passed as I and my sisters had grown into beautiful Velociraptors. The scientist was the ones behind the names of my sisters, but when the scientist decided to give me a name, Owen stepped in and demanded he name me. From that point on, I was known as Blue. Every day, we went through a routine that my sisters always bickered about, but I found to be fun. Owen gave us commands, and we followed them. One day, after our daily training routine had completed and we had returned to Owen’s shack, which I had learned was called a Bungalow. Owen motioned for me to wait. I did as I was told and stood there until Owen brought out a book. It had colorful and to some degree, cute. Owen pointed his finger at me which brought my attention back to him.
“Blue,” he said, “repeat after me, ‘You are Owen, I am Blue’.” I knew what he was asking but I wasn’t sure how to repeat it. I’d spent years and years speaking Raptor, true, I grew up hearing English all of my life, but I wasn’t sure if I could replicate myself. I knew one thing, though, I was not going to disappoint Owen. I was his best friend, he treated me far better than he treated my sisters, and he even treated me better than his other best friend Barry. I always felt awful whenever I let Owen done, and this would not be one of those times. I started to attempt the make the sound, but all that came out was growls. I felt embarrassed, and bowed my head and started walking towards our Bungalow. “Blue, wait. I know you can do it, try again!” I cheered up and realized that this was important to Owen, and so was important to me. I continued to make the sounds, trying to do what Owen asked of me.
On the second time, one word did form, “Blue”, Owen smiled at this and realized his plan was working.
“Again!” Owen cheered, as a smile formed on my face.
I repeated it again day after day, and within three months, I managed to squeeze out almost everything but “Owen”. Unfortunately, it sounded nothing like when Owen or anyone else spoke, there was still a heavy growl to it. But I was determined. Five months later, and “Owen” finally formed. Better, the words sounded more human than before. I tried it one last time a week later, and I sounded natural while saying it. Even I was impressed, it no longer sounded like a Raptor imitating human speech and more like a woman, albeit a scratchy-voiced woman. That night, I slept by Owen’s side for the first time since I had grown into an adolescent.
Over the next four years, he taught me how to speak in a more complicated manner until I was learning words from others, picking out words I didn’t know, repeating them, and asking Owen what they meant. That’s where I found about swear words. Owen disapproved of my using the word, and I learned to avoid using it around him. He also told me the weaknesses of the paddock, though he made me promise not to exploit them. In secret, I passed on what I learned to my sisters, proud of what I had learned from Owen. I had them swear they wouldn’t use the paddock’s weaknesses against the humans, but Echo decided to go back on her promise when she tried to escape. I told her to get back to where she was and she dared to challenge me for supremacy, but I quickly put her in her place, giving her a scar over one of her eyes.
One night, Owen told me something that solidified my position on him and I having a special connection.
“Blue,” he said, “you know you’re genetically modified, right?” I nodded, I knew I was created, I didn’t know what all was in my blood, but given that I was a Raptor, I knew that, at the very least, I had Raptor in my blood. “Well, I did something special, something that the others didn’t approve of at first, though I did manage to convince them otherwise.” My head perked up, I wanted to know more. “I added my own DNA to fill in several of the gaps in your strand. In a way, I’m your father. That’s why I care for you and pamper you so much. I felt that if I was going to train Raptors, I would need an emotional connection to at least one of them. I didn’t expect to find it as my own child, but I realized that that is what you are when you hatched.” I walked up to him and placed my head in his lap. He truly was my father; I knew it even more than he did. I saw him as my father because he acted like a father, this news only helped back up what I already believed.
The next day, it was my turn to train the Raptors. I stayed on the catwalk, as though I was another human trainer, as we did our exercises. When Owen administered the treats, I got a juicy rib eye while the others got mice. He knew that I was the driving force behind the pack, and was the one that was the most in control of the pack. I leaped into the paddock to play with my sisters and tell them the latest news while Owen, his friend Barry, and Hoskins talked. They were all shocked when they found out the reason Owen and I were connected more than they were. Echo even had envy in her eyes. Charlie, our negotiator, was proud and happy for my connection with Owen. Then, the unexpected happened, a man fell in our paddock. My sisters snapped, switched into hunting mode, and went in for the kill. I tried to hold them back, but I couldn’t do it on my Owen. We heard Barry yelling at Owen, snapping my attention in his direction. I was worried for him, I knew that I couldn’t stop my sisters, I just hoped that he and I working together were enough to keep them at bay. Owen ran into our paddock and put himself between us and the man. I pulled the man towards me and stood next to Owen.

“Hold your fire, do not fire!” Owen yelled at the security personnel. They were aiming their Tasers at my sisters. “Put 12 amps in these animals, they’re never going to trust me again.” I understood how my sisters felt, I didn’t agree, but I understood. It was right before feeding time. They were hungry, frustrated, angry, they almost got a meal, and now Owen and their own sister was telling them to stand down? I knew they were angry, but I also knew there was nothing we could do about it. Delta moved in, trying to get around us and get through the fence. “Delta, I see you, back up!” Delta snarled, angry that she was caught. “Okay, good.” Charlie was ready to pounce on him, so Delta’s plan could succeed. I motioned to Owen that Charlie was ready to make her move. “Charlie, stay right there.” Charlie snarled angrily as well, her attempt failed. “Good.” He glanced behind him and said: “Close the gate.” Barry’s voice came from behind the gate, but I was too focused to hear what he said. “Just trust me.” The man-who-fell-in’s voice came up, but, again, I couldn’t hear it. I knew what Owen was doing. I turned around and got ready to sprint for the gate. Barry pressed the button. The gate was starting to close. We made a mad dash for the fence, as did my sisters. They tried to outrun us, outrun the closing of the gate, so they could kill the man-who-fell-in. They just missed it. I ran faster than Owen, so I just had to duck. Owen had slid under the closing gate, and my sisters failed to get there in time. “You’re the new guy, right?” Owen asked the man. The man nodded.  “You ever wonder why there was a job opening?” The man shook his head. “Don't ever turn your back to the cage,” Owen said. I emphasized that point by flashing my teeth to remind him of how sharp Raptor teeth are.

Owen and I headed for the motorcycle as Owen climbed onto it. The motor revved up as I readied myself for a run. Owen sped off, me close behind. I easily passed the motorcycle as I knew our destination, the Bungalow. I had grown used to running across the island, having done it nearly every day. Usually, Owen had a steak for me to eat after the day’s session but there were days that we went hunting. Owen stopped the motorcycle in the middle of the jungle. He took a gun from the motorcycle, a tranquilizer, and readied himself.

“Blue,” Owen said, as I walked to his side, “there’s a Pachycephalosaurus buck in the woods. Your dinner tonight, if you can kill it, is that buck.” He said, smiling at me.

“What if I can’t kill it and it tries to kill me?” I asked, tilting my head.

“That’s why I have this gun,” Owen explained, giving me a smirk.

I chuckled before I began the search for the bonehead that was destined to be my dinner. I was nearly out of Owen’s sight when I heard the footsteps in the woods. They were certainly light enough to be that of the bonehead. I circled the sounds as the creature entered my sight. Luckily, I stayed downwind of the creature, so it couldn’t notice me. It stopped to eat some plants, letting its guard down. I used the opportunity to pounce on its back. I dug my claws into its side and stuck my jaws into its neck. It flailed about, trying to knock me off, but I held firm. I lifted my feet towards the throat of the Pachy, which tried to bite them. I maneuvered carefully and managed to put my left foot around the Pachy’s throat. I placed my other foot onto the top of the Pachy’s neck to keep myself firmly in place. I lifted my killing claw as the Pachy squirmed and squealed for help. I silenced it by dropping my claw, slitting the bonehead’s throat, and causing it to bleed out. Its jugular was slit, it was only a matter of time that it died. It silently flailed as its body starting slowing down, soon coming to a stop as it died. Owen walked up and, with my help, dragged the Pachy back to the motorcycle. Owen tied the corpse to the back, climbed back onto the motorcycle, and the two of us continued on our way until we arrived at the Bungalow. The Corpse was beaten up, but its purpose made it not matter. I made quick work of the belly fat and meat, saving the rest for later. I knew that it would take me several days to finish off the Pachy, but I didn’t care as it was always my favorite flavor. Owen stopped for a moment to work on his motorcycle as I drifted off for a nap.

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