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The Lost World Baby T-rex Bust from Beast Toys
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my latest joint venture with Josh Smith from [a href="http://www.beasttoys.org/"]BeastToys[/a] . We are selling painted and unpainted casts of the Baby T-rex from TLW.  I sculpted each scale and detail on this individually by using Zbrush and sent the File to Josh to print.  After he hand sculpted some adjustments(such as the mini eye scales to name one) he molded and casted the little guy.  Now they are avaiable to everyone.  130 for an unpainted cast, 250 for a fully finished cast.  Here are the Pics.....

Unpainted Casts....

[Image: LvKOobn.jpg]

Painted Pics....

[Image: 3PUFO2x.jpg]
[Image: PMaV7PP.jpg]
[Image: 36Fh8Ag.jpg]
[Image: 4ToG1fG.jpg]

PM me for more details or if you are interested in buying one.
Wow, these look brilliant! Nice work! Smile
(01-03-2017, 06:30 PM)Jack Wrote: Wow, these look brilliant! Nice work! Smile

Price updated, now only $190 for a finished bust, what a steal.

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