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*First Ever JP Collectors Guide Publication UPDATE* THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING

First off, on behalf of myself and my team assembling this Guide, I would like to extend a huge and undying THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has contributed and donated photos of their Jurassic collectables to our Team to be used in the First Ever Jurassic Park Collector's Guide. We were absolutely bewildered and elated at the outpouring of support from JP Collectors like yourselves in the sheer volume of photos of collectables donated. I can truly and wholeheartedly say that this Guide would not be possible without your undying support and love for this franchise and I can't wait for you all to get a copy and see just how your collections that have been decades in the making are finally coming to fruition. Well done, you will always have Team Jurassic Collectables' undying gratitude.

With that being said, now that we have finally combed through all of the collections, donations, and compilations of any and all things JP from JP1 all the way to JW as well as the expanded universe and Universal IOA & Hollywood collectables, we are now beginning Phase 2 of this process which is the pricing guide portion of this Collectors Guide. Initially we were shooting for a December release date in 2016 but due to the overwhelming contributions of photos we were never more happy to push the release date back as we were when the collections started flooding our inbox. 

My team and I are now hoping to have this Guide's collectables completely priced and ready to be published by the end of February/beginning of March 2017. I know that many people were hoping this would have been done in December BUT because we are striving to have an unabridged and complete Collector's Guide, it was only natural that we would hang back and comb through every last photo donated to ensure we were including every JP collectable ever produced. Not an easy undertaking... 

But now that we are beginning the pricing stage of the Guide this part will not take nearly as long as the compiling of Book-Quality photos from ones that are not. If you are still interested in submitting photos of your collection for the Collector's Guide, please email us at jpcollectorssubmission@gmail.com along with your first and last name as well as your hometown and we would be happy to take a look and see how we can incorporate your unique items into this first ever Collector's Guide. Remember that for every photo you donate to our Team that we can use for the Guide, we will donate 25cents to the Penn Dixie Paleontological & Outdoor Children's Education Center to help further today's kids' passions for Dinosaurs and the ecological world. In addition your name will also be included in our contributor's acknowledgement section of the Guide. 

If you are indeed interested please don't delay as it won't be much longer before this book will be submitted for printing from our affiliated publisher. Thank you again to those of you for your support for this project and thank you to those who are considering donating images of their collection to our Team.
Happy Collecting-
~Thank God for Site B
Thank you for keeping us up to date. Glad to read you were sent so much material; I'm curious if we'll see any treasures not widely known in the community yet.

Good luck on finishing it, I'm sure you'll keep us posted! Smile
I am definitely looking forward to this!
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