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The Jurassic Park Interactive Storytelling Game (Anyone Can Play!)
Welcome to the Jurassic Park Interactive Storytelling Game, where players take turns creating their own Jurassic Park adventures! It can be new stories or alternate versions of previous adventures with new dinosaurs, scenes, characters, and twists! Feel free to draw influence from JP material such as the novels or the Telltale game. I'll be starting the first story, but when it ends anyone can begin the next one. First some rules...


1. No doubleposting
2. Keep the stories PG-13
3. No jumping the shark
4. Anyone can participate
5. Posts can be long or short, just leave it open for other players to continue
6. Have fun

Remember, we are trying to tell an actual story. If you have any questions, send me a PM. Let the fun begin!

Jurassic Park 3 (AU)

Alan Grant woke up from his nightmare with a start. He had been dreaming of Jurassic Park and that he was being hunted by raptors. He had been having this dream for the last ten years and it always ended the same. He would try to escape, but two raptor he didn't even know about would cut him off and the Big One would go in for the kill. That's when Grant would wake up. Just a dream, he reminded himself.

"Hey," his assistant, Billy Brennan, said to him. "I was about to wake you up. We're almost there."

Billy could barely contain his excitement. The others in the plane were excited as well, especially Miles Roby, the twelve year old son of the wealthy couple Paul and Amanda Roby, who had hired Grant and a few other scientists as guides during their flight over Isla Sorna.

Grant never thought he'd go near Isla Sorna, but his digs needed funding and Paul Roby offered to pay Grant whatever he wanted to come on this flight. Besides, its not like they are actually going to land on the island...

Grant looked around at the others in the plane. Besides himself, Billy, and the Roby family there was a woman named Simone who was a naturalist, a young rich paleontologist named Richard Levine who showed promise, the pilots Nash and Udesky, and a few mercenaries (Cooper, Briant, Mullins, Max, Rebecca, Caleb) in case things go wrong.

Ellie would kill me if she knew I was here, Grant thought, glancing out the window. They had just begin flying over the island and they should be seeing dinosaurs very soon...

(Now the next person can continue the story where I left it off. Let your imagination and love of Jurassic Park guide you!)
(Uh, so it's been a month, so I've decided to continue the story, hopefully encouraging others to participate. Remember, anyone can play!)

Everyone in the plane was looking out of the windows now, trying to spot any dinosaurs as they flew over the island. It was Miles, the young dino-crazy son of Paul and Amanda Roby, who caught the first glimpse of the island's previously prehistoric fauna.

"Look!" he shouted excitedly, bouncing up and down in his seat. "An Apatosaurus!"

Grant looked out the window in the direction Miles was now pointing to. Sure enough, an enormous sauropod was grazing on the treetops. The plane's passengers watched the gentle giant feed in awe as they flew by.

"Magnificent," he heard Billy say to himself. Grant looked around the plane and saw that the other two scientists the Roby family had brought along, Levine and Simone, were talking among themselves, discussing what they had seen.

"Did you notice the coloration?" Grant heard Levine whisper to Simone.

Miles had his face pressed against the window, looking for more dinosaurs. His parents, however, paid no attention. And the mercenaries were now silent, having gotten over the sight of a living dinosaur.

Grant noticed that something didn't feel right and he grew uneasy. He heard the voice of Nash, one of the pilots.

"There's a landing strip up ahead, Mr. Roby. Do you want us to land?"

Paul nodded. "Yes. Take us down."

Grant stood up as he felt the plane descending. "What?!"

"Please sit down, Dr. Grant," Paul ordered from behind his dark sunglasses.

"No!" Grant refused. "You cannot land on this isl-"

Grant never finished. As the plane flew lower, it disturbed a Pteranodon that emerged from the treetops, squawking angrily. Nash swore and tried to avoid the territorial pterodactyl, but was unable to prevent the mid-air collision. The plane's windshield became coated with blood, before it hurtled helplessly toward the jungle below. The plane struck something hard, Grant's head struck something hard, and he tasted blood as unconsciousness brought darkness. The last thing he heard before everything became black was the terrified screams of the other passengers as their plane crashed. Then there was nothing.
(So it's been another month, so I'm going to go ahead and update the story)

Grant woke up very slowly, groaning in pain. His head hurt and when he touched it, he could feel blood.

"Alan? You okay?"

Billy was standing over Grant, holding blood-soaked pieces of cloth. Billy was covered in cuts and bruises. Grant tried to stand up, but Billy stopped him.

"Don't move. Take it easy, Alan."

Grant looked around. He saw that Billy had dragged him out of the wrecked plane, which was about twenty to thirty feet to Grant's right. They were in some sort of clearing or valley surrounded by trees. The grass around Grant was covered in blood. Miles was crying and hugging his mother. Simone was wrapping bandages around Levine's arm and head. Paul was ordering the mercenaries to go through the wreckage of the plane, pulling out guns and other equipment.

"Is everyone else okay?" Grant asked.

"Not everyone," Billy said sadly. "The pilots died saving our lives, bringing down the plane the best they could."

Billy pointed to some mounds of dirt nearby with markets sticking out.

"We buried them over there. They were brave men."

Though Grant didn't know Udesky or Nash, he felt sad over their deaths. "Christ," he swore. "Are we stranded here?"

"I think Paul has a satellite phone," Billy told him. "But I don't think we can trust him. I think he had other motives for being here, and that he won't leave until he gets what he's after."

"So we have to play along for now?" Grant asked.

Billy nods. "The mercenaries work for him. That makes us outnumbered and outgunned. But they're our best bet at survival."

Grant hoped so. But he doubted any of them were going to leave this island alive.
I was just about to go to bed but then I saw this! How dare you do this to me? :0

Grant stood up then despite Billy's protests. Carefully, he began to make his way over to the main group, wincing as sharp currents of pain lanced up his body.

"Look how dense that forest is," Levine was stuttering feverishly; "Ugh, we're completely enclosed. I don't feel safe here at all."

The doctor was talking very quickly and incoherently. Grant guessed he was in shock and dreading what might happen next.

Simone finished wrapping bandages over Levine's wound. Then she stepped back and wiped her bloody palms on her pants. "Well, we gotta do something," she said.

Suddenly Grant heard a sharp whistling sound overhead. He looked up, squinting in the sunlight, and saw a massive shape careen above them. Then the shape screeched and flew away into the distance.

"Pterosaur," Billy said pointlessly.

"Yeah, seems to be in a hurry too," Grant said.

Billy, Simone and Levine looked at him.

He made a bland face. "You know what I mean."

At that moment Paul strutted toward them.

"You see that thing?" he said.

"Yeah," Simone replied.

"What the heck was that thing?" Paul said.

"A pterosaur," Grant replied.

"This place is truly littered with those animals isn't it?" Paul said.

"That's what I was trying to say to you that whole time," Grant responded. "But no. You wanted your trip."

Paul looked unhappy, and seemed about to reply. But suddenly there was a loud rumble in the distance.
Mr. Roby spun around towards the direction of the rumble, suddenly anxious. After a moment, he turned to the mercenary, Max Reynolds.

"What was that?" Paul demanded as another rumble shook the earth.

Max shrugged, flabbergasted. "How am I supposed to know? I'm just a mercenary."

Another rumble.

Amanda Roby was speaking frantically to Paul about the pteranodon, which was high above their heads, circling them like a hawk after a rodent.

Meanwhile, Billy had been studying the jungle just off to their right, and he seemed worried. Grant noticed this, and asked what was wrong.

Billy took a moment to respond. He seemed frozen in shock, entranced by the trees which, Grant realized, were shaking. "It's a tyrannosaurus." he murmured, sounding fascinated in an odd, terrified way.

Another rumble.

Grant's blood went cold. What they were hearing were undoubtedly the footsteps of some animal, but what exactly was beyond him. The sounds were too far apart and far too loud for a tyrannosaur. He should know - he was almost killed by one. In any case, it was headed towards them. He turned to Billy.

"No," he said. "This sounds bigger."

Amanda commented on the sudden absence of the pteranodon.

Suddenly, the trees in front of them started to shake madly, and Grant heard a loud snapping noise. A moment later, a tree plummeted down, crashing into the earth dangerously near the group, who frantically backed away as it fell.

"Everyone, back!" shouted a mercenary, Cooper.

Paul was the first to flee, grabbing his child's hand and running for the plane. His wife followed, and then everyone was moving hastily towards what remained of the plane. They piled in ungracefully, crowding into the safest spots. Grant couldn't believe this group's cowardice, especially the mercenaries.

Amanda was continually murmuring something inaudible, but apart from that everyone was deathly silent.

A shadow moved over the plane, and something let out a low, groaning noise, not unlike a cow. The footsteps began to sound all around them, and a shape moved by one of the windows. The thing was circling the plane.

he put a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.
Grant peered out of the window, curiosity overruling fear.

He saw a giant scaly hide. He saw a pair of long arms, sharp talons on the ends. He saw powerful legs moving up and down, walking. He saw the muscles in the body, and the green-and-yellow stripy coloration.

Grant moved away from the window, his body trembling. Billy sought to catch his wavering gaze. "What is it?" the boy whispered, as loud as he dared.

Grant shook his head. He couldn't find his voice.

Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting thunderous crack that exploded around them. Amanda screeched. The roof near the cockpit began to dent. Shrapnel poked through the sides of the plane. Max and a couple of the mercenaries opened fire, shooting in the general direction of their attacker. In restitution, the animal roared. Grant blocked his hands with his ears. So did everyone else. The sound was so deafening. Voices rose into screams. Then the weight elevated for a moment, only to come back down tenfold on the middle section of the plane. Grant was aware of one of the mercenaries falling beneath a giant, green foot.
~ Titus 3: 11-13 ~                                                         
"Its ability to cause problems has certainly been confirmed!"
Known in other places as TheRexMan22!

Grant backed away as quickly as he could, but his eyes stayed glued to where the Max had been just moments before getting crushed. The creature's foot lifted up, revealing the mercenary's crippled body. As the massive, scaly head reached down to retrieve its kill, one of the mercenaries, Cooper, opened fire upon the animal. It bellowed, abandoning its prey and lunging its head towards the terrified group, shoving and nearly closing its jaws around Billy. Thankfully, Grant managed to grab his assistant's arm and help him out of the way. Cooper shot at the creature again, screaming, and the monster grunted. It reached forwards with a huge, clawed hand, batting the rifle out of Cooper's hands easily. Cooper whimpered and shoved his way further back.

Then the creature reared up and disappeared from view, taking Max's body with it. The moment of relief didn't last long, however, as the entire plane lurched a few moments later as the creature threw itself into the side of the plane, denting the wall and smashing the windows instantly.
They were thrown around like ragdolls. Grant banged his head against something, and his vision blackened for a second. Meanwhile, the unseen menace continued its violent assault on the plane, battering it to smithereens and subsequently pummeling the plane's occupants.
~ Titus 3: 11-13 ~                                                         
"Its ability to cause problems has certainly been confirmed!"
Known in other places as TheRexMan22!

The unseen menace roared viciously as it toyed with its prey, enjoying their terror.

The roar was answered by another roar, which surprised the creature. The creature stopped its attack.

Though Grant couldn't see anything, he could something huge coming out of the jungle, roaring a challenge.

The creature that had attacked the group roared back and charged.

The two carnivores battled, and the group listened to the dinosaurs battle and roar at each other.

Grant wondered what they were fighting for. Was it for territory? Was it a life-long rivalry? Or was it for the humans in the ruins of the plane?

We're like canned tuna, Grant realized.

He looked around at the survivors, who were listening in on the fight. They were all wounded, bleeding, and scared.

Paul was clutching a bleeding head. His wife, who had been cut by broken glass, was crying. Their son, Miles, was unconscious.

Levine was in a state of shock, while Simone appeared to have broken an arm or leg.

Billy's shirt was torn from where the attacker had tried to get him.

The mercenaries were nervously clutching their weapons, eyes wide with fear, while Cooper was whimpering.

Grant touched his forehead and could feel blood. The creature was merciless. He did not know how the fight would end, but he knew one thing. They couldn't stay here to wait for the victor to decide their fate. They had to get out of here.

"Come on!" Grant urged, climbing out of the section of the plane their attacker had torn off.

He saw two creatures battling to the death, but didn't bother to try to identify them. He didn't have time. He had to get the others to safety.

One of the mercenaries, Rebecca, was carrying the unconscious Miles. Caleb was helping Simone, who had definitely broken something. Billy had gone back for Levine.

Grant hoped that they could hide in the jungle. They didn't have much time. It was clear that the challenger was losing the fight to the original attacker. It was only a matter of time before the challenger fell...
(I really don't want this to die... I'm trying not to lose hope...)

Richard Levine allowed himself to be dragged along by Billy. This wasn't how it was supposed to go, he was thinking. He had been reassured that there wasn't going to be any danger. He never considered that he might die...

Ever since he heard of InGen's Site B after the San Diego Incident, he wanted to go there himself. Fulfill the dream of every paleontologist... to see a living, breathing dinosaur. Grant told him that what Hammond had created was nothing more than genetically engineered theme park monsters, but they would be real enough for Levine. And now things had gotten far too real for him...

He thought of all that he never got to do, the people that he would miss. He never got married, something that he now regretted. No, Levine decided. He was not ready to die yet.

Behind Billy and Levine a great predator fell to the ground with an earth-shattering crash. Standing over the dying creature was the triumphant carnivore, which let out a victorious roar. The winner saw the tiny humans dashing into the jungle, but it did not pursue. Its most recent kill was much more satisfying than the small human morsels. They were insignificant prey in this lost world ruled by creatures from another age. And these humans would be forced to make a choice. Adapt. Or perish. The predator had no doubt that something else would finish off the frightened creatures that did not belong. Humanity had no place here, as they would quickly learn soon enough...

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