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Live the Ledgend Redux
Once, there was an RPG that captivated me beyond all words. It was a part of the Jurassic Park Legacy site with a booming member size. However, the RPG fell by the wayside and was eventually removed. Finally, Jurassic Park Legacy itself was closed thus ending the chance for this great game to ever continue or so it could be.

I, however, simply miss the game I loved so much that I have decided I want it back. I have dug through some of my old computer files, scrounged the internet, and stirred up some imagination to bring it back myself. I'd like to share the opportunity with all Jurassic Park and Jurassic World fans to take part in this game. After all, it needs you to thrive.

I invite you to check it out, with the knowledge it is a work in progress, though with a little elbow grease it could be running by the weekend.

So, come one and come all:
Jurassic Role Play
The Forum is ready, perhaps I'll discover a few more threads to start, but is open for registration. I really hope to see some members there.
For anyone interested, the game starts today and members will begin posting with their characters. We are still looking for members and hope to see you at JRP soon!
Jurassic Role Play: Live The Legend Redux
The Game is active and being played. However, we could still use more active members. If you're are interested in Role Playing, come check us out.
Also, big shout out of thanks to Jurassic Outpost for their affiliation!
We are introducing a group of stranded human tourists to the RPG! In Live The Legend's past this was done with limited success. We believe we have properly addressed those issues to allow for more fun, unrestricted game play for our players. Less restrictions, less rules, no mandatory posts or events, and so much more. Check out our rules on Human Characters here:
Human Character Rules!
If you're interested be sure to check us out, register, and join in the fun!

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