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Will JW2 take place partially on Sorna?
We now know Nublar will be featured in the upcoming sequel but this picture really reminds me of Sorna from TLW.

[Image: C69t4DgXEAEwvPD.jpg]
I really really wish that Sorna appears in JW2, and not only that it appears but that it looks like the Sorna from TLW not only for the sake of just going back to the place where TLW took place but also to end this notion of ´´we cant put anything TLW or JP3 related in JW or JW2 because nobody cares for those sequesls´´. You know, that myth.
Link to the T Rex Spinosaurus rematch petition in Jurassic World 2 that Colin Trevorrow noted. We hope everyone joins and help us share it.

This picture is interesting - is the backdrop part of the movie? If so then that's very exciting! Huge redwood trees... Sorna.
It would be awesome if JW2 becomes the first (and likely only) JP film to feature both islands!

If Sorna is indeed in the movie have Sorna be featured the most and feature Nublar in either the beginning or ending of the film.
Well if JW2 is indeed a rescue mission to transfer the Dinos to safety, Sorna might be that safe place?
It would be nice to see Isla Sorna again. At the very least, I want Sorna to be mentioned. Seeing both islands in the same movie could also be cool, but that might make the movie a bit too packed.
I suppose it depends on how much screen time each island has.
I would love that. Didn't Bayona say in an interview that he was intent on making this not only a sequel to Jurassic World, but also Jurassic Park 5? That seemed to suggest to me that he was actually interested in maintaining the ongoing narrative of the series (although, as someone whose favorite film in the series is The Lost World–I know, I know, I know...–I'll totally admit that could be me projecting what I want to hear Smile
You mean there are two islands with Dinosaurs on them?
(03-22-2017, 09:52 PM)NeonMediaKJT Wrote: You mean there are two islands with Dinosaurs on them?

Haha! I hope we see Sorna again.

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