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Confirmed: Jeff Goldblum to reprise role as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World sequel
Confirmed: Jeff Goldblum to reprise role as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World sequel.


My initial reaction: "ZOMGHDSAHFBAOSDFASBDAPFOHSDB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

Your thoughts?
So freaking excited! I wonder how much screen time he'll have though?

I'll take a cameo just to see Malcolm again but I would want more.
Very excited, but at the same time, very cautious.
"It's a high hide. A high hide, you know you go up and you hide high. Goes up to where the trees are, and keeps the researchers out of harms way" - Eddie Carr
'Actually it would put them at a very convenient biting height" - Ian Malcolm
I guess it's fine, as long as he isn't shoved in just to please fans.
I'm really excited to hear Ian Malcolm's thoughts about what occurred in the JP franchise, especially his thoughts on Jurassic World.
This news almost made me cry when I saw it. The world needs more Ian Malcolm in it.
This is such great news and continues to get me excited for JW2. Along with Bayona taking lead, what is sounding like hopefully a more robust story, a return to horror elements etc, I have hope that JW2 will far exceed JW, which remains the only film in the franchise I didn't see more than once.
TLW is basically about making a documentary to preserve the species and JW2 basically seems to be about the same thing. Interesting that Malcolm is back for this very reason. I just hope he has a good role and it doesn't feel shoehorned. So happy to see him back, maybe Sam Neil for JW3 isn't out of the question.

Chris Pratt will be in all 3 JW movies, Ian Malcolm will now be in his third JP film, so Sam Neil also deserves to be in 3 JP films.
Quite excited about this, myself... Was a tad disappointed that his character didn't dispense more Chaos as with the first film. Hoping JW:FK will bring that back in.
(04-26-2017, 12:54 PM)Aegyptiacus3 Wrote: Very excited, but at the same time, very cautious.

I am curious about the role of Ian in this movie. But you're utterly right when you say, be cautious. Simply because the presence of a beloved character does not imply the movie will be good nor that the character itself will be the same of the previous movies. Let's not forget that the Malcolm we saw in The Lost World seems a different person than that seen in the first movie and this, for a lot of people, is a flaw (not for me: it's character development, imho).
"Hammond, after some consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park." 

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