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Story predictions!
With all the info that we've been given, such as James Cromwell playing Benjamin Lockwood, the 'save the Dinosaurs' campaign and the mansion, what do you think will be the story? 

- How will Malcolm be involved? 

- What are Lockwood's true intentions?

- Who is Ted Levine playing?

I think Lockwood will have something to do with BioSyn since he and Hammond have a history together. Perhaps they ended in a falling out resulting in Lockwood forming his own company. Perhaps Ted Levine is working under Lockwood?

Any ideas?
I hope Levine is Dodgson but I can't get my hopes up.
I was thinking that too. I get the feeling Lockwood might be anticipated to be a bad guy, but it turns out Ted Levine's character is the real bad guy.
I'm thinking this movie will have a smaller scale, and most of the action will take place in a small claustrophobic location, whether a lab or a house with dinosaurs running rampant.  Therefore the "scarier" movie we've been told.

Ian Malcolm was pretty much for saving the dinosaurs and letting them live in peace by the end of TLW alongside John Hammond's dreams so I think the theme of conserving these monsters will be his main goal.
I feel like it'll be a remake of LTW, a sort of we can do it better sort of way. Here's how i see it going down:

Dinos are free to go anywhere on the island, ingen or whoever wants to take the animals and use them as weapons. Our heroes know about their intentions this time and want to stop them and sneak in via submarine.

Unfortunately ingen or whoever is successful at bringing dinos back to the mainland, but then get free. Cue Ian Malcoms role - because why would his character intentionally be involved with the islands again?

Perhaps the first picture we got was a foreshadow to dinosaurs among the people.
My film prediction thus far for JW:FK :

*Benjamin Lockwood overhears of InGen's plan to militarize dinosaurs, after the closure of the park and the need to not go bankrupt, and summons Owen and Claire to rescue Blue and potentially sabotage InGen's efforts
*Owen and Claire agree and arrive on Isla Nublar at roughly the same time as InGen
*Owen and Claire go back and forth between searching for Blue and thwarting InGen, at one point passing by the wrecked Explorer 04
*Our protagonists' search leads them to the edges of Mt. Sibo, which has already begun to errupt
*Owen & Claire and InGen find Blue at about the same time; outnumbered and outgunned by InGen, both they and Blue are taken captive by InGen and loaded on a boat which is leaving the island at the East Dock
*Blue escapes her binds and frees Owen & Claire, after which all three jump ship
*Owen and Claire wash up on the shore of Isla Nublar and must find a way to escape before the island is covered in flame & ash

That's it so far...

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