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Poll: Which is better?
The books
The films
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The Books vs. The Films
I love both so it's hard for me to choose. I suppose it'll be the films since I saw them first.

Which do YOU think is better?
Well, the books are very contemplative and much more in-depth, but the films really help but the magic and horror on-screen, and you can actually understand the scale and speed of the dinosaurs and such. I've gotta go for the films.

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The book is one of the very few books I've read all the way through. It's great, but only a film can be accompanied with awesome John Williams music and amazing sound design. Seriously, a huge chunk of the magic is in the sound. So for me, film it is!
It depends. If you prefer horror and a lot of action, then the books will do fine. But, the films are more light heated with charm and magic that is hard to capture in movies. Also the sound effects, music, and digital design of the movies make me prefer it more. Of course the characters too are also what makes me enjoy the film, and the sequels (The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic World).
The books are great books and the movies are even better movies. I thoroughly enjoy both iterations, but I think this one has to go to the movies because I was introduced to them first, and there's a sense of . . . magic . . . to them that can't be replicated through a book. At least I think so.
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After rereading JP I more torn on which I think is better. The films do get the majestic feeling across better but in the books you can still get that wonder feeling. Plus the books are more darker which I do like but I also like how some of the deaths happen off screen like Nedry's death in the film that made you picture it in your mind (also even the deaths that happen on screen are not near as graphic as the book death scenes.)

The books and movies are probably going to be a tie for me.
They are very different media. The books contain far more information, and just a little more character development for some of the characters, while the films are more concise and have a tighter story.

One thing the film certainly does better is Grant's development. He starts out disliking children; as the story progresses, he gets to know Tim and Lex a little and learns not all children are horrible to be around.
Tough question.
I would say books, though.

I loved JP and TLW and, to tell you the truth, I liked "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" more than Crichton's book.
But, as I always say, Jurassic Park is a perfect book, in my humble opinion. It has a perfect balance of mystery, action, science, character development, awe. Crichton caught the right atmosphere for a story about dinosaurs. The result of this is a powerful sense of nostalgia towards a world that we have never seen with our own eyes. I know that it sounds silly to say, but I cannot explain it otherwise. It was the main feeling that pushed me to try to become a paleontologist years ago. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't make my dream true. But the feeling is still there.
That same feeling is not strong enough in The Lost World, that is, above all, a good sequel but not as bright as the first book. It is too slow in the first part and, although it is interesting, lacks the mystery of the first book. I like it but I do not love it and that is why I prefer the Spielberg adventure movie.
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