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Lego Jurassic World 2?
The original Lego JW video game sold really well so it's not crazy to think that the sequel to the movie will get another Lego video game, now we'll likely get more games in general since licensee's now know that JP can make Star Wars numbers at the box office but that won't mean we won't get another Lego game and this thread is basically just for lego not to speculate on other hopeful JP games.

The original Lego JW gave us 4 movies, but would this one really give us only one? Well it's hard to tell, I mean Star Wars originally gave 3 movies per game and maybe lego games do this with their licenses since there isn't a lot to do with the lego format for only one movie but the latest movie Ep.VII had a whole lego game by itself and people didn't seem to mind. Would Lego JW2 really only be about JW2?

Another possibility which I prefer is with Lego Indiana Jones, the first game had all 4 movies, but they still released a sequel. There isn't a new Indy film (yet) so the sequel re-did the movies again, they were able to add some scenes that weren't in the original game and the other classic moments they were able to play with them and make them very different. This would be cool to see scenes missing from the original Lego JW game that just didn't make the cut and different versions.

What do you think?
Either way is fine with me. Much to my shame, I never got to play the first JP game. I was dissuaded by the reports of constant crashes going on during the thunderstorm scenes -- and of course the high price, too. But if they release another one then I'm determined to get it.
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