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Jurassic Park - Early David Koepp Script June 30th, 1992
Pages 77-87 are now revealed, which features a alternate end to the falling explorer scene and more alternate dialogue.
Pages 88-98 are now revealed, featuring Ellie driving the jeep during the T-Rex chase instead of Muldoon, an omitted scene of Ellie alone in the Visitor's Center, an omitted scene of Arnold's frustrations with Nedry's hacking, and numerous alternate dialogue throughout; including a very different version of Ellie and Hammond's scene in the restaurant, sans Petticoat Lane.

Note: the Condor crane is foreshadowed in Ellie's omitted scene for this script's version of the climax.
Pages 99-109 are now revealed, which features another variation of the omitted baby triceratops scene. This one occurs immediately after Grant finds the dinosaur egg fragments near the Brachiosaur tree. In this version the Gallimumus stampede happens immediately after this moment. From there the scene where they shut down the park systems occurs and has lots of alternate dialogue. It is revealed at the end of this alternate scene that the emergency bunker is under "Hammond's quarters". An omitted scene ensues of them walking through Hammond's compound gates. From there we get a scene of them going into the bunker, where a slightly alternate setup of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" reference ensues. The last scene of these pages is a slightly alternate cut of Ellie and Muldoon about to go look for Arnold. PHEW!

I should note that the placement of the baby triceratops scene and other alterations are different compared to the Koepp script pages Shannon Shea had been given and posted online. His takes place during the "sick triceratops" scene where it also appears the discovery of the dinosaur egg fragments also happens. My guess is that those pages are from Koepp's first draft, or at least an earlier one than even the one I am posting. Those pages are attached here for comparison.

Pages 110-120 are now revealed, which features the raptor in the shed and fence climb scenes! Most of this is fairly close to the final film, minus some details and alternate dialogue at times.
The final pages are unveiled! We get the kitchen sequence, but not long after that, we finally get a scripted version of Koepp's original climax: the raptors VS the condor lift in the rotunda!

I hope you have enjoyed this month's reveal of the entire script! Some additional details: the damaged pages 01 and 04 have now been replaced with accurate re-types! I have also confirmed it is NOT the May 26th draft but June 30th. I believe it was an unofficial draft, of sorts, meant for just Spielberg to see (as it noted) between that May date and the next dated draft.

Also, sometime tomorrow, there will be links for a PDF of all these scans together, plus a PDF text version!

Post has been updated with links to download both scanned and transcribed versions of the entire script. Was hoping for more comments and analysis during Jurassic June, but am hoping others will still come across it and enjoy.
Thank you very much scallenger for sharing this piece of Jurassic History. I really love reading these earlier drafts, because it is like being told the same old story with slight changes which enrich the experience of being a fan of this saga.

Actually, I find interesting the fact that Alan and Ellie would be mad at each other at the beginning of the film to reconcile at the end, it certainly adds up something to Grant's character development. Similarly, Hammond shooting the raptor at the end, although lesser of a climax as the theatrical ending was, it also added to his character development, willing to kill his creation to save his family, when he was all against it for most of the length of the screenplay.

Again, thanks for sharing this. And, if you happen to have JW and JP3 earlier drafts, please, we all JP fans beg you to release them next Jurassic June or whenever you feel like to do so Big Grin
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