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Collectibles & Other Merch
Thought we could have a thread where we show off/discuss our collectibles and other merch! 

I got this girl in the mail today. I'll have to get better pics and/or a video of it later on. 

[Image: BsQDYF7.jpg]
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
Great idea for a thread.
I'v got a small Jurassic World collection, most items are fairly rare but nothing super special or valuable (well they're valuable to me haha). I'll be sure to take some pictures of them once i clear up some space on my phone.
Looking forward to seeing some more merch! I will try and post some pictures of my stuff soon.


My favorite things that I've added to my collection are the "Odd and the Unique" items, especially the items that went into the marketing of the film.  First I have the 35mm Film Roll from The Lost World teaser trailer that played in the movie theater in 1997.  The Other favorite piece to my collection are the Press Kits from the first three films, including an additional press kit for the VHS release of The Lost World.
Got some better pics of that raptor hatchling. It's pretty awesome.

[Image: YmN8YWV.jpg]

[Image: zFPfRpu.jpg]

[Image: hshPMtH.jpg]
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
That's cool! Factory Entertainment have some good products.
(06-16-2016, 10:43 PM)Jack Wrote: That's cool! Factory Entertainment have some good products.

Yeah, at some point I'd like to get some of their other stuff. Had to have the raptor hatchling, though. It's one of my favorite scenes from the first movie plus it was only like $35 or $40 on Amazon prime.
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
I got another hatchling today. This time Rebor's Blue hatchling. It's very small but it's gorgeous!

[Image: 4UCdGOI.jpg?2]
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
Nice! Where's that from? Custom?
(06-29-2016, 09:25 AM)Jack Wrote: Nice! Where's that from? Custom?

It's made by Rebor! Most (maybe all?) the hatchlings in this box set are painted like JP/JW raptors. Pretty awesome! http://www.everythingdinosaur.com/rebor-...gures.html
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]

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