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Fan fiction: Trespassers/ Dark Paradise
With the introduction of the new poster and title of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and rumours of a volcanic eruption threatening the dinosaurs' existence, I thought it might be interesting to revisit a fan fiction story I wrote in 2012/ 2013. 

Considering both fans and professional (screen) writers tap from the same source when it comes to the Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World franchise, it's perhaps no surprise elements from the original novels make their way into both fan- and professional work. 

When Jurassic World's marketing campaign started I found it amusing there was mention of a giant wall on Isla Nublar; much like the wall in my story (located on Isla Sorna), it separates a safe part of the island from a wild, uncharted territory. 

The past few months rumours of seismic activity on Isla Nublar have done the rounds; rumours that seem confirmed by the release of the poster, the title, and promotional material used to promote the upcoming film at a film industry event. 

Surprisingly, a volcanic eruption plays a large part in my story as well. It threatens not just the dinosaurs of Isla Sorna, but some very unlucky visitors and survivors too. 

I hope you will enjoy this story. It comes in two parts: the first is titled Trespassers, the second Dark Paradise. I have added these as PDF documents to this post. 

A note on the text and story: the text has not been altered or edited since writing and publishing it in 2012/ 2013. Slight errors in grammar might be present; it will not hold up to scientific scrutiny either. 

Author name: Joe Harding was a name I adopted to publish work under. (So far, one story under this name made it into a book with short stories by different authors). 


A fan fiction story based on the novels by Michael Crichton and the films of Universal Studios: I hope to present a story that is character driven, original (from my own personal experience, reading through past fan fiction* work I've written, this is a difficult task to accomplish), yet exciting and a fresh take on the franchise. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave comments. The first two chapters are up in this post.

(* Some characters in this fan fiction story appeared in another Jurassic Park fan fiction I've written and posted on www.jptoys.com, but have been altered for this new story.)

Attached Files
.pdf   Trespassers PDF.pdf (Size: 753.99 KB / Downloads: 2)
.pdf   Dark Paradise PDF.pdf (Size: 446.71 KB / Downloads: 2)
Hi Neelis,
The Trespassers document seems to be restricted. I tried downloading, but can't, so I'm missing the first part. Do you know of any way to fix it?
Dinosaurs will once again rule the earth!
(06-26-2017, 11:21 AM)ArjanBos Wrote: Hi Neelis,
The Trespassers document seems to be restricted. I tried downloading, but can't, so I'm missing the first part. Do you know of any way to fix it?

That's odd, I can open them when I click on the documents. I don't know how to fix that. Can you open the second one? I've sent the first in a private message on Facebook. Let me know if you can open that one.

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