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Is Daniella Pineda's character a secret villain?
We know her character will be in a lot of scenes in the movie with Owen and Claire but she also apparently had scenes with BD Wong's Dr. Wu.

I would like it since we never had a female villain in the franchise (not counting Dr. Sorkin from the JP telltale game) nor a traitor character.
It could be. Reading this, I'm a little worried the film will be too complicated. We never had characters truly switch allegiance (Nedry was a disgruntled employee, but he wished no physical harm upon any of the people on the island), and go from bad to good or vice versa.

(I found the whole "InGen are now a private army and they can take over when necessary" storyline confusing - how did that happen? How did InGen not go bankrupt after the events in The Lost World: Jurassic Park)? If Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom pulls a similar stunt the third film will have a lot to clarify.)
I assumed that Masrani and his company helped InGen a lot by making it a subsidiary.

And personally I feel we need more complicated storylines in JW films.
I think of it like a "myth thread"... Story-wise, InGen became a military force in the second film. Hunters and Hummers. Seems they continued to be that way into the timeline of JW.

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