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Will the Indoraptor only cause mayhem at the film's conclusion?
I love the Indominus Rex but personally I want this new hybrid to have a "Small Role, Big Impact" type of role.
That would go with the scarier, creepier theme they seem to be going for. Bet that Restricted Area has all kinds of stuff.
Dah-hah! Just realized that the crash site of Explorer 04 is almost certainly in there.
Probably you have discussed about the hybrid situation before but I will ask this to you nonetheless: are you excited at the idea of having one or more hybrids in the next movie?
I mean, don't you prefer to have new species of dinosaurs instead?
"Hammond, after some consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park." 
Well we know there will be new dinosaurs in the movie like the Stygimoloch.

I love the dinosaurs but I don't mind having more hybrids.
Silly comparison I know, but I like the progression from Indominous to Indoraptor. A smaller threat that's nonetheless supposedly deadlier than the last, you say?
I want the Ultimasarus to show up or one of the already cannon Chaos Effect hybrids. OOh if the Indoraptor can camoflage I hope it uses Alpha Raptor's pattern for a nice easter egg!.

some of those hybrids in JPCE are nuts. i swear one of them looked like 98 zilla

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