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Jurassic Park memorys
1993, 12 years old.i cannot remember the exact first time I heard of jurassic park.it may have been my mum, calling me over to look at something cool in the daily mail.a few pictures from the film previewing Steven Spielberg’s next movie.all ways have and will love dinosaurs.i do remember reading the title title “jurassic park” and my imagination creating awesome tropical mountain landscapes filled with dinosaurs, only at the time my dinosaurs were stop motion animals.that was until I saw the movie.(back to that later).drawing dinosaurs became my obsession.as July 26th kept closer and seeing the jurassic park logo planted on covers of kids magazines, my imagination grew to meltdown.on tv I recorded(vhs) every clip,review show, news report, tv special, I could.bought every book,magazine and comic I could.now i was hoping to jurassic park on first day release but it was completely sold out for that weekend.on the Sunday myself , mum, dad was at the huge legendary market.a guy was selling pirate vhs tapes of jurassic park.badly custom vhs sleeves.full red front, spine, back with white jurassic park logo.

The guy was charging £25 for a copy. Giant NO! from my dad as I pleaded for him to buy me a copy.went home sad and upset.i think believe the following Saturday I got to see the film.

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