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Poll: What Color Should I Make My Raptors Mohawk?
Lime Green
Banana Yellow
Neon Blue (LIke the muzzle stripes)
Bright Red
Pumpkin Orange
Icee Blue
Royal As Heck Purple
Forrest Green
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adding a mohawk to my raptor suit
[Image: da60e78][Image: kaz2y5_on_stage_by_valforwing-da60e78.jpg]
Hello! I am wanting to add a mohawk to the head of my raptor i need to know what color to make the mohawk that would look good with the suit. it needs ot be solid color mohawk and perferably neon to match the Chaos Effect color scheme.
I decided ultimately to use a red mohawk after a pait of harry red leg warmers were tossed ontop of my raptor suit by accident and the color just popped. i ended up useing the leg warmers over the raptors arms to give it protofeather

i'll post pics after this weekend's convetions of my new designed raptor suit

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