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Opinions on JP 1-3
Here are mine:
Jurassic Park: Absolutely perfect!
The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Nearly perfect with only minor flaws
Jurassic Park 3: Okay sequel but doesn't add much to the lore. Not as bad as some fans believe in my opinion but not at all a great film.
Jurassic Park and The Lost World are almost tied in terms of greatness and nostalgia in my opinión. I would give the slight edge to TLW.

Jurassic Park 3... The constant shoving down our throats that the T Rex is a wothless wimp is way too much of a mood killer for me and many.
Link to the T Rex Spinosaurus rematch petition in Jurassic World 2 that Colin Trevorrow noted. We hope everyone joins and help us share it.

Confession time: For a long time, I didn't care much for The Lost World. I thought it was a fun movie, but I was disappointed by how much it didn't really follow the novel. I've since warmed up to it a lot... especially since JP3 and JW incorporated some of those novel aspects (dino laboratory, a camouflage dino, etc), I can appreciate the Lost World film on its own merits. I definitely think it is the most "fun" entry in the series, but also ironically the darkest. And certainly the marketing and merchandising for the Lost World was the biggest and probably the best of all of the movies, which I always have fond memories of from childhood.

JP3 is a flawed film, but I appreciate the production struggles and what they were able to accomplish. Despite being the weakest link in the franchise, there is still plenty that I love about it: the abandoned lab, the aviary, the moments between Grant and Ellie, anything with the raptors. I probably don't dislike JP3 as much as the average JP fan does.

The first Jurassic Park, though, is an absolute masterpiece.
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Jurassic Park: one word- masterpiece

The Lost World: The embodiment of my childhood. A great film. I usually call it a tie with my love for Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park III: A popcorn thriller, with a weak plot. The special effects and scenery however are wonderful. Still a fun film in the franchsie.

And for bonus points:

Jurassic World: A good movie 14 years in the making. I still enjoy the movie now a year later. Not perfect, but still good. A large improvement over the plot of JPIII
JP: Fantastic concept, fantastic execution.
TLW: Great concept, lacks execution.
JP///: Basic Concept, good execution.
JW: Good concept, basic execution.
JP: Perfect
TLW: Perfect sequel
JP3: Fun, loved the Raptors and set pieces, but overall does not progress the franchise much and had a poor/unfinished script
JW: I honestly think I need some time away from this movie to form a true opinion...
JP-Perfect. One of my favorite films ever made.
TLW-A great, well made sequel with annoying script problems. Still, I love it.
JPIII-One of my least favorite films ever made.
JW-A great return to form for the franchise. Probably the best sequel.

I know this is fan forum, but I'm kinda shocked at how forgiving people are of JPIII. Everything about it is rushed, phoney and half-baked. 99% of the cast is unbearable. None of the "wow" moments are earned and they feel hallow. It has the most touchy CGI of the entire series, the human drama is cringey and and annoying and the plot is simply too thin and non-existent to be a JP film. TLW and JW may have some writing goofs but they strive to say something. JPIII is a basic, run of the mill monster film.
JP - My absolute obsession as a kid. Perfect movie which defines the 90s for me.
TLW - Great fun, Spielberg created an amazing dark atmosphere for Isla Sorna. San Diego ruins it however.
JP3 - OK at the time but basically unwatchable now - some great scenery/set pieces barely save it. Adds nothing to the franchise overall, and the story and dialogue is embarrassingly bad in parts.

JW- Fun movie, but left me feeling a bit empty. Looking forward to the sequels.
JP: Favourite movie of all time and one of the greatest adventures of all time.
TLW: A hugely satisfying continuation of the story and world building. Love it as much as 1.
JP3: Disappointing but subtly brilliant. Still have a soft spot for it.
JW: A perfect comeback after a rough break. Ridiculously rich in character and design. Love it as much as the first 2.
I saw Jurassic Park in 1993 on its initial release; I was ten and it left a lasting impression. The characters felt genuine, the dinosaurs were majestic (and some terrifying), never portrayed as monsters. The park itself was beautiful - I can now see how unpractical it would be to receive thousands of visitors every single day (no doubt they had a runway for aircraft as coming in on the helicopter would be far too expensive and impractical), but then it seemed like a hidden paradise.

The sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park had me even more excited. There would be more dinosaurs (Compsognathus!), more people and a Tyrannosaurus would escape in a city! I remember the day seeing it in the cinema quite well; there was a big standee in the lobby with two Velociraptors poking their heads out of fern bushes, and a giant banner with the T. rex bursting through the wall above the stairs leading to the screening rooms. In the weeks leading to the release I had walked into the cinema multiple times just to look at the standee.

The film itself was very different from the book (which I'd read before the film's release), this was a little disappointing; as a sequel it did deliver everything to keep audiences entertained.

Jurassic Park III was released in the US two days before my birthday. A neighbor had been able to download it online, and I saw it before it was released in cinemas here. Of course I went to see it in a cinema too, and I enjoyed it (the Pteranodon sequence was the highlight, and the new Velociraptor designs were fantastic), but not as much as the first two - this had more to do with the quality of the film as a whole than seeing it beforehand. Though I vowed never to watch a download again.

As for Jurassic World; that's a journey we truly all made together in both the on- and offline Jurassic Park fan communities. While the film itself leaves a lot to be desired, the park looks realistic and the effects are again top of their game.

Jurassic Park will always remain my favorite. I don't believe any sequel can top it - everything feels perfect; acting, music, visual effects - it's the right combination.

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