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Opinions on JP 1-3
Jurassic Park: I saw JP in 1993 while on summer vacation with my family. We were visiting my aunt and uncle, and my uncle wanted to see it. So he, my dad, my brother, and I all went to see it. I was 8. I had seen a little bit of it in the trailers, but I didn't know too much about it other than it was about dinosaurs. And that was very interesting to me since I was a huge dinosaur nerd. The movie absolutely blew me away. It was the most magnificent thing I had ever seen up to that point. When the T-Rex crashed through the top of the Explorer, I was absolutely scared to death! The whole experience was awesome though, and I started collecting the toys right away and asking for them for Christmas. To me that period between summer and Christmas 1993 was the pinnacle of all things Jurassic Park.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park: As I recall, this one wasn't advertised as much as the first film. No one in my family really knew too much about it until it got close to release time. I recall Burger King had their exclusive watches, and my brother and I collected them leading up to opening day. The film opened on the last day of school my sixth grade year, and my mom took my brother and I to see it. Unfortunately, it was sold out! So we waited until the next day when my aunt took us. (This actually worked to our advantage since she took us to a more impressive movie theater. At the time, anyway.) While we greatly enjoyed it, we knew it wasn't as good as the original. I started buying the toys once again, but it wore off a lot quicker than in '93.

Jurassic Park III: I was older by then but still a fan of the franchise, so my brother and I went to see it with one of our uncles. We enjoyed it on a superficial level, but we all felt it was weaker than TLW and especially compared to JP. Not a terrible movie.... just not one that wasn't all that great. And the toys were even worse, so this was the only JP film I went without collecting anything.

As Neelis suggested, nothing can touch Jurassic Park. It truly had the right balance of mystery, adventure, science, and fun. Not to mention the amazing special effects and sounds, which still hold up to this day. And the soundtrack? Amazing! I appreciate the sequels more as an adult... especially TLW for its freshness and roster of actors. But I think Jurassic Park and everything that came with it at that time...  the toys, the advertising, the fun factor of being an imaginative 8 year old and taking it all in... nothing will ever top that. I have such great memories of 1993, mostly because of that movie. And my toys survived my childhood unscathed. Every time I look at them I'm filled with nostalgia. Looking back, that year was easily one of the best periods of my childhood.
Jp: Perfect in almost everyday with very minor flaws. (Bit biased for obvious reasons!)

Lost World: Good sequel capturing the same look of the first (but that's mostly Spielberg's style of film making) but does enough to differentiate from the original to feel completely different. Does have a few flaws especially in the story telling and characters but has a lot of memorable moments especially in the set department and dinosaur moments.

JP3: Im not a fan of this. Its a bit of a mess, feels rushed and unfinished, feels more like a random filler episode in a TV series than a true sequel.

JW: Fun but just like The Fore Awakens its plays it safe, which I don't mind especially reading all the rumors and leaks of what this movie could have been. It does have a lot of cringe worthy moments with the characters and simple avoidable mistakes that could have made it a great sequel. Still enjoyed the hell out of it though.
JP - Pretty much brilliant in every aspect
TLW - Great sequel with some flaws
JP3 - Disappointing sequel with some good scenes
JW - 50/50
"It's a high hide. A high hide, you know you go up and you hide high. Goes up to where the trees are, and keeps the researchers out of harms way" - Eddie Carr
'Actually it would put them at a very convenient biting height" - Ian Malcolm
JP - One of my favorite movies of all time.
TLW - Not as bad as some make it out to be.
JP3 - Doesn't feel like a true sequel.
JW - Worth the wait.
JP: Absolute masterpiece. A near perfect blockbuster.

TLW: Very good movie, and a worthy sequel. However, some notable flaws keep it from attaining greatness.

JP3: Objectively speaking, a passable monster movie. However, still easily the weakest film in the franchise.

JW: Great fun. An absolute joy to watch. However, like with TLW, some notable flaws keep it from attaining greatness.
Jurassic Park - I can't find any way to improve it.

The Lost World - I love this film, but it has weird flaws. Many fans praise this as the best sequel, but the characters are idiots and are barely fleshed out. There are scenes missing from the film. Backstories such as Roland and Ajay bonding are cut, resulting in Ajay's death feeling really insignificant. There was some odd (almost) rivalry between Roland and Dieter that never really got explored further. Also, they stumbled across Sarah way too easily. The scene with the ship was confusing. It's never really declared what happened and what ever did happen was off-screen.

JP3 - My least favourite, however, I really enjoy it. I find the characters in this film to be rather boring, not much charisma. Amanda was way too annoying. I found the plot to be too straight forward and like others said, it didn't really expand the lore much.

JW - I rate this as the second best Jurassic Park film. The park looked great, the CGI (for the most part) was really good. The plot, however very cartoony, was something different. The characters needed more fleshing out, but were quite charismatic. The ending was very cartoony but extremely enjoyable.

I think the tone of the franchise is very inconsistent. The first two are quite dark, especially The Lost World, but then 3JP and JW are much lighter.
I already said my thoughts, but here's how I'd rank them...

4. JP3 (6/10)
3. TLW (8/10)
2. JW (8/10)
1. JP (10/10)

Jurassic Park is easily in my top five movies of all time, up there with the original King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the 1977 Star Wars (aka A New Hope), and the Empire Strikes Back.
Jurassic Park is without a doubt one of my favorite movies of all time; a couple of years ago I might have said it was my favorite. But I've gotten older and my views have changed, a little. JP 1 is still definitely one the best, most enjoyable films ever conceived IMO, with great directing, acting, CGI, sets, dialogue, and of course, heart.

The Lost World is less significant but still very good. One of my main complaints with this installment is Ian's sudden change of attitude. However, this movie features some of the most enthralling moments in the entire franchise - namely the "Raptors in the High Grass" and the "Cliff" scenes. Also the music is exotic and altogether wonderful. I rate this well.

Jurassic Park 3 is ... not great. But it's not all that bad, either. I always considered this the "scariest" movie in the series. There are some parts that I wouldn't watch until I was about thirteen. (Udeski's death for example.) I just found it very horror movie-like. One of the better aspects of the film is the score; very chilling and remote. I like the hints at the original movie's soundtrack you find littered in there. And the Spinosaurus was pretty good too, I guess.

Jurassic World was my dream come true. I wanted another JP movie so badly and for so long. I just knew that with all the advancements in computer technology that there was a chance there to make something really exceptional. And they did! I genuinely think this is a good film, and a worth contributor to the JP universe. Of course there were some things that could have been done better, but isn't that the case with every single movie that's ever been made? Isn't it? Of course it is. (I hear Citizen Kahn is regarded as perfection, but seeing is believing.) The truth is, no movie is without flaws. And you know what, Jurassic World made me grin and laugh the whole way through with a childlike joy, and for that I believe it deserves a bit of praise. (P.S Rexy's bae.)

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