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Jurassic World Anniversary Thread
Amazing how a year can feel like it goes by so fast!
I actually waited until Saturday the 13th to see it since my husband worked on release day and my knee was banged up from a fall while jogging. I honestly cried after seeing the film. I thought it was excellent. It truly did right by the franchise not only by being a tribute to one of my favorite childhood films, but also by being a solid movie in its own right. I saw it in the theater four different times and loved it each time. Even now having it on Blu-ray I enjoy it just as much, if not more.
I loved the film then, and still love it now. It's fun, charming, old school and takes the franchise back to it's roots-something I felt JPIII utterly destroy (I know it has it's fans here, but I hate it).
I loved the film as well, haven't watched it since it came out though, I like to give movies "time" before re-watching them but I'll definitely be re-watching it with all the others before JW2. I saw the movie twice in 2D opening night and a few weeks later in 4D-X, I regret not watching it a third time though but I had burnt myself on JP in general the months before JW arrived and I was also going through some personal problems, oh well. What is crazy is that us in the fandom had to wait over 10 years for this movie to come out. I still remember when the movie was scheduled to come out in 2005 back in 2001 and I was so excited about it, after so many years of rumors and interviews telling us it was happening but it all went nowhere to finally see the movie begin filming, seeing the trailer, and finally having the ticket in my hand all felt unreal.
^ Unreal is exactly the word I'd used to put it.

I felt in a trance walking down the hall toward the darkened room.

Once I was sitting down, my heart started beating at twice the usual rate. I couldn't believe it was finally happening.

Happy Anniversary you dream-fulfiller!
Can't believe it is now already the 2nd anniversary of this film! I re-titled the thread to just make this be a general "anniversary" thread for years to come.

Presently, I still really like this film a lot. For me I think I decided it will be forever tied with Jurassic Park 3 in ranks of my favorite Jurassic Park films (JP best, TLW second best). For every hit there is a miss that in a way are almost opposites between the two of them; and oddly, the one thing they share that I love from both of them are their unique pteranodon scenes. For me they both deliver the goods in different ways, but also fail to live up the potential for me personally just as equally.

I still love the "new park, opened to the public" idea. I thought it was genius right from the start, despite some continuity issues it presented (mostly from lack of answers the film sneakily hides the questions of). It's what continues to tie in the memory of when I saw this film for the first time so perfect; seeing it at a theme park. I felt like I was part of it, and I still get this warm, almost excited sensation when I think back on that day. It's what makes me love revisiting this film now, and definitely for years to come. I guess nostalgia really DOES work for a film's advantage. Do you guys feel the same?
Yeah it's crazy. My hype for JW2 is increasing each day.

JW is still my second favorite film of the franchise but maybe JW2 will change that.

Not that I don't like TLW and JP3 as I like them a lot but JW beat them in my eyes.
I remember 2 years ago that I was excited to see the movie, and it blew my expectations! Time does fly by fast, which means that JP5 will be here in no time.

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