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Awesome imagery
CG in the petting zoo scene is great! Was nice to see that idea come to life.
I can't find any pictures good enough to compare them, and I thought it silly to start a whole new topic, but does anyone else feel Jurassic World's Main Street looks a lot like the decaying Isla Sorna worker village from The Lost World: Jurassic Park's artwork?

Here's a picture of the maquette:

[Image: tumblr_namo6epTrA1rsiohpo5_1280.jpg]

Whoa, I've never seen some of those photos of the village! So cool to see.
Gotta add to the petting zoo. Anyone else feel bad for the poor baby apatosaurus struggling to breathe from that chlid's grip? Also later in the movie for the baby triceratops that gets lifted up by the pterodactyl (I may have laughed at first cause it looked a little goofy at first BUT then I immediately felt bad for him...)

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Yeah the gentle giants petting zoo sequences were both well done. I love the concept but was a bit off put on the CGI. Maybe I'm being too harsh of a critic but the baby dinosaurs just don't scream Jurassic to me. They looked better in IMAX, but on Blu Ray I'm kind of just like "meh."

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