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Fan Written screenplays
I've shared them before on other locations, so you might have seen or even read them before, but here they are, my earlier written screenplays from before Jurassic World came out. I plan to rewrite both to a single screenplay to fit the saga to mostly explain John Hammond's death...

Jurassic Park IV:
http://barjan.nl/Jurassic-Park-IV-Screenplay-JP4  (pdf download)

We follow John Hammond to Isla Sorna... Time has gone by and quarantine of the islands has been in place for a long time. However the dinosaurs do not seem to cope with their small living space too well and a mysterious disease seems to be spreading... A team has been brought in to do research, but John Hammond wants THE EXPERT on this matter: Henry Wu. Word get out however about their attempt and the media gets involved... Should the dinosaurs be saved at all? Or should they be destroyed for the sake of mankind?

Jurassic Park V:
http://barjan.nl/Jurassic-Park-V-Screenplay-JP5 (pdf download)

Jurassic Park 5, When dinosaurs rule the World follows the events on Isla Sorna and the attempt to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Now on their way to Isla Nublar to stop the team deployed there and finish the dinosaurs once and for all... However it seems that dinosaurs are no longer contained and some will do anything to prevent total destruction...
After my earlier two written screenplays in 2013, I thought I needed to update them after Jurassic World came out.
So I finally got around to it and here it is: Extinction Level: Jurassic Park


Story synopsis:
Only moments after John Hammond gave the interview to CNN after the San Diego incident in 1997 he is made aware of a deadly disease. Desperate he asks Henry Wu to save their legacy. Hammond dies shortly after; InGen taken over by Masrani Global.
Now, 2001, Henry Wu is working on Isla Sorna together with Gerry Harding and is close to finding the cure for the animals. Masrani, confident Wu will succeed, is making plans to build a new park on Isla Nublar.
Gerry Harding, feeling tired of stress, is joined by his daughter, Sarah Harding, who he hopes can take his place. However, Sarah struggles with her feelings towards the situation and the animals.
Working with a private security firm, to keep rumours about the disease far from any government agency, Simon Masrani now deals with doubts about the team on his island. He invites Tim Murphy, aspiring a career in the navy, to join this team and find out if his doubts are built on solid ground. Masrani thinks the team would respect Tim as the heir of John Hammond and that Tim could benefit the experience as a good exercise and a chance to overcome his nightmares that are an obstacle for his admittance to the navy. Sarah, seeking distraction while unable to decide where she stands, joins Tim and the security team as they are sent out to look for survivors of a small plane that crashed on the island.
Then a leak alerts the U.S. government that the quarantine of Isla Sorna has failed and mankind may be threatened by this deadly disease. The government comes with a clear solution; evacuate the people and destroy InGen’s creatures…
Fighting disease, morals, fear and government, what will prevail?

Additional background
As you might have guessed, the plane crash refers to the story line of JP3 and for me this story explains a lot of unanswered questions that came up watching Jurassic Park 3, including explaining some small things from JP3 that have been bugging me.

Well, hope you guys like it Smile
Dinosaurs will once again rule the earth!
Nice work! Smile
Thumbs Up 
(04-19-2017, 07:59 PM)Neelis Wrote: Nice work! Smile

Thanks! Smile
(04-20-2017, 06:53 AM)ArjanBos Wrote:
(04-19-2017, 07:59 PM)Neelis Wrote: Nice work! Smile

Thanks! Smile

I've read the final script in its entirety now; it ties up the loose ends and connects Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World in a clever way. 

Biggest point of criticism from me would be the constant shift from past to present tense (and vice versa); there were a few spelling errors, nothing major. 

The guards are only mentioned by number in the script, but through the dialogue (and their screen time) we learn they have names. As they are quite large roles, it would read easier if they'd be named in the script, rather than being labeled #Guard1, #Guard2, etc.

All in all, a good read with some ideas that would benefit the franchise (DX, different versions of dinosaurs and the Raptor packs battling). I enjoyed it! Smile

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