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Poll: Which Sorna do you prefer?
The Lost World's
Jurassic Park 3's
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Which Sorna do you prefer?
TLW forests made it easier to distinguish Isla Sorna from Isla Nublar. I prefer TLW Isla Sorna, but I do like the tropical look more, but I prefer Nublar overall.
I really like overgrown jungles, which is what JP 3 brought in. But - and this is a very big but - TLW's variation of the lost, tropical island is the more prominent vision. Maybe not so to me, but I know that this is what most people think of when picturing the second island. So TLW wins. IMO.
I remember once seeing a map that showed how Grant and Malcolm visited totally different parts of the island, it showed the track that each team took, it was pretty cool, wish I had it.
TLW Sorna is my favorite but JP3 was cool.

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