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Favorite Jurassic Park trilogy videogame?
Operation Genesis and Telltale's Jurassic Park: The Game are my favorites.
Operation Genesis and Telltale's JP. If we ever get something like Genesis again, I'll be glued to the game for life.
I think my favorite is the LEGO Jurassic game. It covers all the movies and is extremely faithful to them. Yeah, the Lego style and tone can be a little goofy, but if you get over that it's a very well done and satisfying game adaptation of the movies. Operation Genesis was a great game but had its limitations and frustrations. I can't believe a modern, updated version of this wasn't developed for Jurassic World.
I enjoyed the Telltale game, not so much for its limited "game" elements but for the story and characters. I think there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the 90s SNES and Sega JP games though.
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Operation Genesis is defiantly my favorite. Always been a massive god/sim/tycoon fan and this just combined my favorite genre with my favorite film! It's the first game I pulled an all nighter with till the sun came up on the original release date. My favorite memory is always wanting to stay over my grandparents since they had a better computer to run the game.
Needed that reflective water effects!

Second is probably TLW Arcade, only arcade shooter I actually finished.

I used to own JP on Genesis and Warpath on PS1 but I remember being frustrated with the difficulty like most games during that time.

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