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Gyrosphere ride pitch !!!!
iv had an amazing idea about an expansion to the islands of adventure or the studios!!!

firstly i think they should have a full size indominus rex with a gyrosphere to go with the trex and spino, but secondly hows this pitch for a ride.

think 3d simulator spiderman style... u sit in the gyrosphere but the GLASS is made of a 3d lense material can fit 4 riders as apposed to 2. that or its open and you wear 3d goggles. You then drive in a room thats kitted out in foliage similar to the feel of the ankylosaurus scene inJW....

 this then continues into a room which is more dimly lit with a cirular IMAX screen but the illusion is unnoticed to the rider, so it feels like extended foliage. 

The ankylosaurus are grazing. then the indominus comes and attacks , the gyrosphere moves left and right and jolts and turns... the ankylo then hits it with its tail making u spin crazy into the next section of the ride (rider still unaware) to a new bit where instead of breaking the gyrosphere regains stillness and the drives forward with the indominus in persuit after the riders. still on an IMAX  screen all around the herbivores are startled and run beside you making the gyrosphere roll up and down left and right in the GYROSPHERE VALLEY !!!!! 

The Indominus comes up to the Apatosaurs who save the day and whip their tails.  The Gyrosphere drives between their legs to escape up above the ACU arrive by chopper scaring the Indominus away with gun fire... the ride continues into the final bit where the ride ends it moves through a gate saying S5 which is all practical and romote controlled . The room is then Park workers dressed as ACU escorting you out of the ride.


I like it dude! I could totally see them doing that. Universal loves their screens, so this seems totally plausible to me. I'd say add a few more scenes in there to give it some length and it'd be perfect. Unless they demo existing property in the JP section, it'd have to go somewhere else. The show building for Spiderman is pretty big and nowhere to squeeze it in over there.
If Universal do open a new Jurassic ride then it likely will be a VR type experience. Cheaper to implement and they can do a lot more, like the scene you wrote above. I would be excited for whatever new Jurassic ride they opened, but once again it seems that they have no plans.
Has anyone seen how the new Kong Skull Island ride looks? I've seen it on YouTube, so it's not nearly the same as being there in person, but it looks like a great blend of practical and digital!
If they made a ride similar to the Spider-Man and Harry Potter rides I would be soooo lol happy!
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
(06-23-2016, 10:22 PM)jobalexang Wrote: Has anyone seen how the new Kong Skull Island ride looks? I've seen it on YouTube, so it's not nearly the same as being there in person, but it looks like a great blend of practical and digital!

I haven't seen it in person, just youtube, like you. From what I've heard, the people who've seen it in person love it, but think it's directly in line with what Universal does best. It's not really a game changing attraction, but it's pretty cool. Still wish they found a different spot for it, as it makes zero sense where it is currently (taking over a plot JP could have seriously used). 

Universal is great at blending the two practical and video screens. The screens always looks great in that park, so I could see this holding up well against the other attractions. For me, screen based attractions don't hold a candle to physical attractions in line with Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and the likes.
Yeah, I'd love an all-practical Jurassic World ride, but it would just make me even more upset that only one practical dinosaur made it into the movie. It would just feel... weird and disingenuous of Universal. I know, I know, we've never thought this of Universal before. at all. haha.

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