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Soundtrack from the old Visitors Center
(06-28-2016, 06:01 PM)Jack Wrote: Wait, this music wasn't on the official release? I missed that. Anybody know why?

A few pieces of the OST are still to be officially released. These come suddenly to mind

- ACU Theme (just after Gray spots them from the monorail and before encountering the Indominus)
- Owen's first appearance 
- Visitor's Center scene
- Hoskins talks to Masrani-Masrani gets into the chopper
- Hoskins' team setting up the raptors (before Owen et al. arrive).

I'm forgetting some for sure. It's a shame though, the OST was released almost complete. Same happened with the 20 anniversary JP special too... almost complete. But not all, for some unkown reason to me.

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